Friday, December 26, 2014

week ago week ago

crazy to think that ive only been here a week. time in the day goes by soooo slow but in all I cant believe its been a week haha. sooooo this whole week my companion and i were hoping it would snow one day and i was joking one time saying "just watch one day when we wake up and come outside there will be snow" that very thing happend on christmas day. everyone here was soo happy and taking lots of pictures haha it was pretty rad. Russell M Nelson spoke at our christmas devotional. he gave a very good talk and for one i didnt fall asleep haha. we later had a talent show where my zone was doing the 12 days of christmas. it was kind cool.. just kinda. haha we did good. there was a guy who did the brady bunch theme but pretended to be an RnB singer and then he finished off pretending to be Prince as he sang. it was sooooo funny. hahah everyone laughed and thought it was great hahah. my favorite one was the second guy to go up. he played Fantasje ( i think:/) by Chopin. it was amazing!!! he did sooo good. and all by memory. later that night we got to watch a movie called Emphrams rescue i think hahah idk.. it was a very inspirational movie. i recommend all to watch it. my trio of companions was split up last saturday night at 11:00 at night.... we were all laying in bed and all of a sudden we hear the door being opened and a security gaurd walking in with some guy.. we all got up and found out it was the companion that never showed up. haha he was finishing finals at BYU and couldnt make it... yeahh well he's here now and things just arent that great anymore sorry to say... kind of a weird child.. but we all think its God testing us with our patience... haha like really testing us.. things are slowly getting better ha not really but its alright. the food is great now!! ive already put on some weight. go me haha i love cheesecake and always have to have more than one piece. hahah. I finished teaching my investigator this week.. asked her to be baptized and she said In time and with more lessons she would like to. a little of a bummer but its alright:)
i have another investigator we are teaching. hes a cool guy who is baptist and thinks the lds church is out of this world. butttttt he wants to learn more. so there is hope. my companion and i are doing really good with our lessons and we get along wayy good.
today we were going to clean the temple as our service. my companions went on to clean it while i sat in a chair and was security for the temple. haha it was kinda cool. ahha i got a badge and all. hope you guys all had a rad christmas and had a good time. love you all. and have a great weekend.

one of the hermanas didnt want to walk through the puddle and the grass was even worse. soo her companion carried her across haha thats my elder keith my companion laughing and taking a picture as they crossed hahahaha.

 Elder Sandall cutting his hair in our room cause he doesnt like people touching his hair hahah funny guy from arizona

my companion and i

christmas at the MTC

Friday, December 19, 2014

MTC Status

MTC is pretty fun. everyone told me the food was going to be amazing.... but for the first few meals it kinda suck:/ my companions and I were a little disappointed haha. the food has slowly gotten better and we go to every like and try everything for each meal. we are going to get so fat haha. im in a trio companionship because one of the elders just didnt show up. Elder Keith is from Indiana hes pretty cool. he likes to cook and can do a great King Julian voice impression. Elder Sandall is from Arizona hes pretty rad. he likes to paint and today he cut his hair in our room haha. they offer free hair cuts at the mtc but he doesnt like anyone to cut his hair. we are teaching our first investigator today and in spanish. everyone is a littel scared because our spanish isnt all that well. and certainly not well enough to talk to an investigator but im sure we will do well. we are slowly getting better at our spanish though since yesterday everything is going to be in spanish. on sundays they will randomly choose someone to give a talk and itll be in spanish. everyones a little nervous for that, our prayers and everything will be in spanish. it should be good. 
we went to the temple today as a zone. it was pretty rad. i've never been to the provo temple before. when my companions and i were leaving there was an ambulance and fire engine outside. apparently some guy had a heart attack. crazyyyyy but im sure he'll be fine haha. they told us we cant say dude and to start call the men elders.. its been really hard for everyone. occasionally we will slip a "dude" in our sentences. i think its funny hahah. ive seen a lot of familiar faces from school here. its nice to see people you know and just catch up a little bit.
its also wayy cool meeting new people here. theres a lot of foregin people here. from west africa all the way to some weird island out in the ocean.. its just amazing here. but i really cant wait to be in argentina. ohh oh  i forgot. Elder Keith is going to Portland Oregan and Elder Sandall is going to Cordoba Argentina. we all cant wait to be out on the mission field. P days are quite the blessing and ive only been here 3 days haha. im sure time will fly by while im in here. hope everyone is doing well and dont forget to read your scriptures haha. i will be sending pictures of the MTC next time. not much has really happened. have a rad christmans guys!!