Monday, December 12, 2016

When He Calls My Name

went to corpus last week for pday. its been getting pretty cold lately, like in the 40's its super great! but i miss the heat. did some service at a members house, theyve been building it for 6 years just them 2.. its a work in progress.. haha i also buried a dead bunny, it was pretty gross haha. then we went to visit the Amish people, they live like 30 minutes from town. it was pretty interesting. a lot of things are changing and improving, the unity in our district is going up. i went to institute for the first time ever it was pretty good. we took this recent convert family to visit this family we are teaching and they pretty much did it was awesome okay im just gonna get right to the big highlight moment of the week. so we are still going around to get to know all of the members. we went out on foot and passed by everyone in this little area and it was near the end of the night and very dark, i swear more than half of the streets in beeville arent lit. we walk up to this house to find a sister garcia, knock the door and this bald guy opens. we tell him who we are and ask if there is a sister garcia. he says no and tells us very bluntly to leave cause he is busy, we tell him alright and leave.. as we are walking away we are just across the street and that bald man opens his door and yelled at us to come back over. we get to the house and all he says is go down the hall and into the room on the right. thats where campos is.. we're like alright. so we walk through this house and walk into the room and there was a man bottle feeding a baby boy in a room piled waste high full of stuff. we start talking to the guy and come to find out that baby boy had a twin that passed away just 2 weeks ago.. we asked the man what made him want to talk to us.. he said that he was just sitting inthe room with his son having a spiritual moment, his son was just looking into the corner laughing and playing by himself but he believes that the twin is there to keep him company.. so he was having a spiritual experience and then there was a knock at the door.. it wasnt a coincidence. that really touched my heart. i know i wasnt walking in the cold for nothing. we talked with him and he told us he lost faith for 20 minutes and regrets it, when his son almost passed away he was thinking of suicide but then he had faith and changed his thoughts.. and there we were..i know without a doubt that baby knows who we are.. it brings me comfort and just peace in my heart knowing that god lives and just ahh.. its amazing. things are great and ive just seen an uplifting improvement in everything. the sacrament attendance double from last week. there is progress and it just super great! lots of fun things. ive been reading this book called how to pray and stay awake, ive been learning a lot on sincere prayers. its super dope and really is just a game changer with everything.
its cold yo
santa baby

Monday, December 5, 2016

La Neblina

another crazy week, so yeah gundy went home. went to this super dope buffet called butter churn, its way good. had mlc and got my recommend renewed and in that interview my president told me that i was getting a new comp. elder messinger, he's a little bit older than me in the mission and super dope, we are almost the exact same so we kinda feel that we wont be together for to long. thats usually how it works out. so i finally got to work in beeville, and its pretty super fun. the ward is fulllll of old people. there are 6 kids in the primary and more than half is just from one family. funny story, so we are getting to know all of the members and we went to visit this family yesterday and we get there and the mom is making food, then while we are sitting in the living room theres a knock at the door and 3 random teenage girls walk in.. we were all like hello.! and the sister says soo im guessing my husband hasnt told you want i do and then she tells the girls to go in the back.... i look at my comp and we are thinking like what the heck.. haha come to find out that the sister gives piercings then we sat and watched this girl get her nose pierced hahah it was kinda funny and then we had home made beef stew it was dope. oh and she has only been a member since april, the family is a huge fan of korn and slipknot, we got along super well. something that ive learned is that god will always make a way when theres none, something my misison president was really talking about was the adversary and how he will try and stop something good from happening, people going on missions, marriages, he'll stop them with fear, anxiety and depression and just whatever, i know it can be hard ive been getting all sorts of anxiety but you have to remember that we're stronger. i promise you guys if you submit yourself to the lord your life will forever change and you will be so happy! im trying to be chill and then its like i forget all ive learned, its crazy but things are good. christmas is coming, que weird. hope you all have a rad week and listen to blink-182.
pitbulls in a tug o war
food coma after a big fat meal
another one, final meal of thanksgiving we almost died.
sinton is full of dirt roads and gates into members houses
dog therapy came in while i was with gundy
abbie, the most loyal dog.
Butter Churn
it was 52 last night, its pretty cold on the bike haha.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Guerilla Radio 11/30/16

its been a pretty wild ride this last week. i had my first district meeting with sisters. pretty weird. a lot has been going on. my compa was in the hospital since i met him and a couple days ago he was finally discharged from the hospital and yesterday we took him to the airport and he went home to recover. i spent the last 2 days with him in the hospital, thats why i wasnt able to write on monday. to be honest it was pretty sad seeing him go. I'll be in sinton with my zone leaders. it just feels weird now,, but the work moves on. so on thanksgiving we went to Portland and had a turkey bowl with corpus zone it was super fun and nice to see everyone. Im starting to realize i dont know any of the younger missionaries, i was thinking they were members from the ward haha.. its strange and i guess im just getting old.. so sad. later we went to 4 big appointments back to back.. ive never been so full in my life. i could barely eat at each of them. i used to be able to eat more. whats happening to me. these weeks have been going by faster and faster. i dont even know anymore.. the mission is my home. we had a zone meeting before i went to be with my compa gunderson. i was reading in the scriptures that morning and there was a part that talked about the people being blessed based on their desires and i thought for a second.. what do i desire? more charity, stronger connection with the spirit, know that my offering is being accepted.. and i learned that im not giving the spirit enough credit.theres moments ive seen with other missionaries and even in myself we just do something like a reflex and we dont realize we are following the spirit. its crazy and really brought me comfort and answered things that were on my mind. listen to the spirit and give thanks. ive realized the spirit has helped me so much. i also found out i'll be able to go to the temple in a few weeks with a recent convert. que dope right!! andale!! ohh also Felipe got baptize on sunday!! woot woot. marine veteran!! yeah!!

skate and destroy yo..the mission is awesome. i dont know what else to say.

one question for all of you. what do you want to hear from me? what do you guys want?

i wont be able to send pictures for a while cause these computers suck.

There Is A Green Hill Far Away 11/21/16

soooooo a ton has happened since i got transferred. I am now serving in Beeville, its about 3 and a half hours north of my last area. i have another greenie, Gunderson, he's very green and still 18. the ward is small about 37 people at church its sick! our area is at the very top of the mission. I drove up here with an Elder Moser he's my new zl and the first night we went shopping and then went to the ER cause Gunderson had a sharp pain in his side, come to find out his appendix ruptured the day before. so we spent the night in the hospital and the next day he got surgery an all went well. I came to be with zls in Sinton which is a half hour from my area, while gunderson recovered. Brother Muhammad from Portland is their ward mission leader and i got to spend some time with him he is planning on going to the temple soon to be sealed to his family and wants Anderson (my papi) and i to comp later got transferred to a hospital in corpus cause there was some complications and stuff but he is doing better and i will be with the zone leaders for the week..

sooo when this transferred first began while i was still in Mercedes my dad alex anderson texted me asking where i was being transferred i told him Sinton Zone, a long time ago i heard through a grape vine of missionaries that our converts Victor and Marissa from when i was a greenie movied from portland to sinton. and the church and everyone lost contact with them.. well when i told my dad where i was going beevile( which is in sinton zone) i told him i would try and find victor and marissa even though i will be a half hour away. my comp Gunderson went to corpus with Moser to the hospital so ive been with my other zl Hodgsen in sinton. as we've been visiting random people. ive been asking if they know a victor olvera, no luck.. but its like 7 at night and super ark. and we walk by this house that has a truck pulled up and we are walking by and i say wait.. theres a guy in that truck and i know who it is. i walk up to it and its victor and marissa!! i just hug him through the window with tears in my eyes. they cant believe its me and i cant believe its them!! the lord really puts you where you are meant to be. I missed them so much! its almost been a year since i last saw them. its sooo unreal!! AHHHHHH:) milagros!!

we drove through portland yesterday to go get Moser form corpus and it really made me truncky for my greenie area.
miracles packing.
poor dude
sleepover in the hospital
trio power!!
moser playing dead for some vultures
yeah baby car pic of the week.
humble abode
corpus bridge!
the tortilla is for my dad. 

just another thing id like to add. is just spiritual progression.. the atonement is God's gift to us. the devils greatest tool is despair, never feel too far gone, thats a lie. anybody can change. we need to live in the way that the lord can use us. all He cares about is what direction we are going. start now, pray and set up your day spiritually. i know im a missionary and all but you might want to ask yourself.. what does the lord want me to do? there are many times i ask myself that.. start today and change. be good okay. ive been a square for quite some time, i just need to relax and be myself. thanks for the support.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In The Year 2525

well first off, im being transferred out of Mercedes.. que triste.. leaving mijo behind but it'll be good. so this week was great!
so about a week ago. we were at the library doing 12 week and i noticed this kid kept looking at us.. and watching what we were doing.. we then went to sit at a table and shortly he then came over and sat at the table wiht us.. we were planning while we were there and i noticed the kid was reading a magazine.. i ask him, hey do you like to read.. he says yes.. then i tell him. i have a book for you to read, its free and it will change your life, its the best ever and then i gave him the book of mormon. we gave him our number and thats it.. we then leave.. come to this week now. we see him again I was like yoooo did you read the book, he said yes all the way to chapter 6 in 1nephi, sick!! we invited him to read more that night and pray about it and then call us.. he doesnt have a phone but said he would find a way. 90% of the people we give our number to never call us when they say they will.... but later taht night we got a call from an unknown # it was him!! he read to chapter 15 and felt something in his heart, we told him that, that was the spirit and then we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! we saw him the next day and he read all the way into 2nephi!! ORALE!! how sick?!?!? it was awesome!! also we've been working with a menos activo for a while since i got here and he has never come to church once,, well we had a good talk with him and he told us he couldnt come to church cause he needs a new front tire on his car.. we are like..pos we'll find one.. dont worry about it.. later that day we called some members and someone had 2 just the right size for his car. brought them over the next day and the member was honestly grateful.. he came to church this week! it was great!! well time is moving on and things are great!!
dog with dreads.. haha
walked in on mijo trying to polish the chair..
brother hulet

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Once Upon A Pollo

had a good week, we had a pday activity with mission zone and our mission president. we picked up branches for this one sister and i swear these branches reminded me of the thorny bushes from sleeping beauty we all got poked. i got wayyy sick this week i literlly thought i was going to die i had a way bad head cold.. one morning i woke up just coughing and coughing..and i was on my way to play basketball with the zls and i just coughed and coughed and wouldnt stop man it hurt so bad.. i was on the verge of throwing up i seriously thougth in my mind that i would feel better if i just puked all the yuck out.. well we started to play basketball and i played while dieing and then my cough went away... wow miracle.. idk it was crazy haha i dont know how to type anymore sorry for the typos... every week there seems to be a theme for lessons or people we talk to. sometimes it could be prayer and we teach lots of people how to pray or one time it was aliens, i swear everywhere we went there was something to do with aliens or demonic things. well this week it was marriage. we are trying to set up a wedding for some of our investigators. and other people we visited kept telling us about their marriage and we'd share things to help strengthen them. its so weird but awesome. my time spent with barnett ive learned lots of humility and just being charitable.. i remember one time i was in laredo and it took me a good 2 minutes for me to tell my zone that i loved them.. well one day i come out of the bathroom and we find out something is broken that barnett took out.. and i was like brooooooo thats all we got and idk i just blew up a little bit, he didnt think much of it. and after i was like wow.. i was so something inside me hurt..i was like alright i gotta tell him that im sorry.. so we sat down and i was like mijo i gotta tell you something, he said whats up...
and we sat there for 5 minutes..i kept trying to say that i was sorry and i honestly dont know why but i whats wrong with me i cant apologize for me being rude..why cant i just say im sorry..the words literally could not come out of my mouth...and then finally i just stopped trying to say the words.. i looked at him and then finally.. i could say .. dude im sorry for being so mean..i'll probably never forget that moment..transfers is next week and this has honestly been the best. you can never have enough charity. idk the mission is great and you really gotta take advantage out here of all we have. andale!! out in the vineyard bustin a sweat and i love it. we walked up to this big house real close to where we live.. knocked the door and this lady opened and we were all like hey:) and then immedietly she said.. oh noo.. no i cant.. and shut the door.. it was great. haha. i think thats all just keep enduring guys. i miss you all a lot. be happy:)
mijo with his shrek tie we found
picking up branches
old chapel near our house.
Mercedes heights
Mercedes Heights
courtyard of Mercedes Heights
saw my old compa this week!!
mijo fell again
a possum got to our extra tacos we had:/

ay write me a letter por fa. gracias :)

200 W La Vista Ave
McAllen TX 78501-2131
United States

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Don't Want To Live On The Moon

first things first.. youre unique in your own way. dont worry.
idk why but this has been just a little quote thats been in my head.
we were having troubles with marisol and her actually having desires she says she has.. ahhh she is so close to everything.. her son Rod really wants to get baptized as well ahh.. man they are both so close.. we've been going around offering to bless peoples house, as a way to get into them. and the thing behind that is we contact somone and offer to bless their house.. we go inside bring the spirit super strong and then leave... well it amazes me at how many people that dont want their house blessed..we are teaching quite a few people that are so close to church, ahh everything is there. we were visiting Rene the guyt that had a strong a while ago that cant read or write we brought up baptisms for the dead and he started to cry cause he said that his father was a really bad guy and wants him to be saved.. he wants to know if these things are true. we invited him to pray .... we came back later in the week y nada... he didnt pray. made me a little triste cause thats holding him back.. is just a prayer. later on.. we were out and found a new investigator named Fatima, well she referred us to her neighbor who is part of her family.. and we go next door and the neighbor is outside so we start talking to him in spanish.. i explain to him that we are representatives of jesus christ and that we have a message of restored truth and then the guy shot back.. literally i swear.."Are you really with christ? i said Si. "are you sure?" and this is all in spanish and i said yes i am very sure. :"do you really walk with Him?" i said yes we do and we know that he lives. the whole time this is going on im thiking what on earth is this guy doing..? well this guy just wanted to battle so we just testified and left.. but it made me realize that someone, somewhere will take a jab at you like this guy did and question and shake what you know is true. dont be fooled. stand strong and dont let the winds of the adversary blow you over. it was a good week, i buzzed mijos head. i gave my fist baptismal interview to this guy Juan, he's a stud!! yesterday i celebrated my birthday with elder shipley! it was dope. i ate a lot. the work is great and i love everything! today is a celestial p day so we'll see how that goes. thanks guys for everything.

La Estancia

us with Ethan.

Mercedes baby!!

Pollito is the best!

found this lazy boy and its now in our apartment.

trap house

Heh Heh

trunk or treat!

food coma

i just couldnt take anymore food..

Sister Frankie ( 2Canes)
shes the one that sang Silver And Gold

bday bash

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Turn Around

its been a great week, Randy came to church and he loved it. He's a metal head and ahh things are great but he came and really wants to get the rest of his family there! we had interviews with presidente torres they went super good. i got an MRI of my brain it was honestly the first and best nap ive ever had so far. ive been learning the importance of teacher elders with the scriptures more. like more in depth.. you can relate it to swimming on the surface of water, then there is snorkling.. and then there is scuba diving.. and to be honest scuba diving with the scriptures is the best way. went on an exchange with one of my zls, it was the best and helped a lot. man counseling just helps so much. i had feelings of anxiety at the beginning of the week and idk how to explain it but things just work out the way they are supposed to. my district had been helping out the sisters in our branch in a play of the parable of the 10 virgins, i never thought that i would ever be a town crier. it was by far the weirdest experience.
we were visiting with our investigator Tony for the 2nd time we were visiting and shareing a lesson and then he stopped us.. and said.."do you know why jesus sent you here? he sent you to baptize me and save me. i want to be baptized" we were both like woahhhh. he's come a long way and ahh just has that desire that we should all have. im sorry guys but i think thats all, every week is crazy! i miss you all. have a great week.
one of my good friends Elder Prieto got transfered mid transfer, we were all super sad so we had a little service for him..
 juice made from parsley, it smelled like grass but tasted like awesome.
south texas scenery (nada)