Friday, June 23, 2017

Lozin Must

quote of the week

"Si no pica, no es rica"

get the chile out orale!!

also a taco isnt a taco unless the tortilla is dipped in oil before tossing it in the pan.
thats all we get down here haha.

also another little Hidalgo update is we were in walmart today and bachata just started playing through out the store. haha thats a regular thing. and yes it was Aventura. nothing like some bachata while shopping.

Elder Ortega is my new comp, he's originally from Puebla Mexico but came from vegas, its kinda funny to see everyone's reactions whenever he tells them he is from vegas, everybody is in awh about it haha. he's the only member in his family and actually is a convert of 2 years.

we had a pretty great week, had some awesome miracle lessons with people who used to be very rude to us. we had one lesson where the guy said no and that he didnt have time and then all of a sudden he said you know what i have like 5 minutes. we sit down and by the end he is laughing and just having a great time and invited us over again to teach all his family. we stopped by on saturday for like 5 minutes cause i had to use the bathroom.. while im in the bathroom i hear a bunch of yelling and im like what the heck is going on, so i run out and the father and son are fighting and arguing and the father was like defending us about being missionaries and how we deserve to sit inside, it was crazy but they rushed us out and told us monday would be better so we'll see how it goes today. also the son is like 32 but it was quite the experience. one day during this week our cell phone service went out in Hidalgo so it was pretty hard to get a hold of people so we decide to go out in the morning ot try and find people. we finally got service when we were in mcallen and we got a phone call from pedro, so we got a text from his wife a week ago saying that they were being seperated. pedro really felt that god was leaving him so he went to reynosa and we had no contact with him. but then finally he just called us it was a miralce and we visited him later that night and he realized that he needed to come closer to god now that he is going through some hard things. Ether 6:5-12 what did they do in verse 7 when they were encompassed about many waters? they cried unto the lord as we should cry unto him always but especially when things are hard and your head is barely out of water. what a great experience it was to have that lesson. im so thankful for the spirit and the power that comes as we read the scriptures and like it to us. God Lives!! and he knows our hearts. the mission is the greatest experience of my life!!! there is also this breakout of a skin eating bug called mites lol pretty exciting oh and Zika. we also knocked on a door of a part member family we have been trying to meet. the wife opened the door and explained to us how excited she is to have us over to learn about her husbands religion. what a great thing to hear right??:) Elder Ortega and i decided to fast for a miralce for the month. we had some great visits the spirit was strong and we rolled up to our only set appointment and there was the miracle. this part member family. we go inside and they were very happy it was our first visit with them and we taught the restoration and the wife was the one we were teaching and she had great questions and she is excited to read and the husband is very supportive. It was awesome and then later we got a couple phone calls of some baptismal interviews needing to be done this week. the zone is bumping. also the sisters in our ward had a church tour with this small family, its great to see peoples success. its pretty cool how everyone has a story of just things theyve gone through and where they are going. i feel that my compa and i are pretty similar. man so many cool things went on this week. later today we are going to swing by this place that sells peruvian food. should be pretty exciting. also just wanted to say a little something something about how great my father Martin Gonzalez is and how great of a father he is. i remember this one time we were at scout camp and he brought the good ol astro van we had. R.I.P. but we were on our way to the camp after we were fishing and we noticed that another scout leader in a truck was on his way back as well so we started racing him in our van and we won!!! lol my dad is so awesome!! not to mention we were on a dirt trail the whole time haha also all the many times he made potatoe salad or macaroni salad and barely had any of it cause all of his kids ate it.. lol or even whenever he would make egg salad and it was all gone in 10 minutes. he's the best and he deserves all the neccos and peeps he could ever want. happy later fathers day but i just wanted to let everyone know how much i love my dad!! he's a stud and is a random trivia master. give him un abrazo for me.

Half of the Hidalgo Zone last transfer
Elder Hodgson and I before he went home, i was compas with him and Moser in Sinton while gunderson was in the hospital. what a stud.
Elder Hawkins, he was in my first district in Laredo, so sad seeing all these homies go finish their mission. best pal.
Plantation Paradise
Scenic Way

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Peggy Sue

hola, transfers came and im staying, my new comp is elder ortega.
the mission is the best and im not able to write a whole lot but there are many awesome stories and things that happened this week. its heating up down here and i have a baby pansa, quote of the week is

" como quieres que te oiga si tus hechos no me dejan"

dale gas guys dont give up!!

here are some pics
hmna trevino, she's dope
bike day miracle
apartment checks
this is an abandoned house and at night random people come running from this home into a car that just randomly pulls up. pretty crazy but its Hidalgo for you.
this is me in front of that home
party at a members house as a zone, it was dope!!
half of Hidalgo zone, they are all super dope!!

Rise Above 6/5/17

Rad week!! we are still working with the Elizarraras family and had a great lesson. the father is in a lot of pain from his work like he can barley walk and stand up and we gave him a blessing and honestly it was a miralce and so great to be a part of it. right after the blessing he stood up full of energy and was so happy and said that he could feel his knees tingling and his feet and just felt amazing!! he couldnt believe it and so did his wife. que milagro. we've been working with pedro to send a name to the temple come to find out today is a year since his mother passed away. we were also offered 3 live chickens from a random guy haha. theres been a scripture of lots of help Mormon 5:23 "know ye not?" wow we live in a world where crazy miracles can still happen. idk its just unreal the things that can happen in day. kind of like that blessing or a random phone call of a place we need to go to when our plans failed. which has always been happening, whenever our plans fail, we all of a sudden get a phone call and its someone that needs help in that moment or needs a visit its crazy but so awesome knowing that the lord trusts us. we had an awesome mlc honestly it was a mission changing meeting. we really talked about having a good attitude. when we have a good attitude you have high hopes and having high hopes helps you grow in faith as you act.The greatest Ideas are the simplist. we learned about the law of reaping and sowing. you cant put negative energy in and expect positive results. "You become what you think about" I felt like my eyes have been opened. be Believing. we came across this family who was wanting to leave the church it honestly made us a little sad. as we were talking to them the plan of salvation came to my mind, the pre existance and how we decided to come down and get a body and follow gods plan and here we are now baptized as members of the church enduring to the end and then we brought things into an eternal perspective. the mom was wanting to leave the church and part of living with our families forever it is essential to go to church and read and pray. she was a little shaken but she had a quick change of heart. Our actions and faithfulness here are what we are accountable for, yes there is repentance and forgiveness and its all a process, but most importantly CTR. follow the spirit because i know its telling you something.
another sick moment this week we got a referral to visit this LA and we swung by and they were all outside and we were about to share a lesson and one of the daughters said "wait let me go get jacob" she came back with her boyfriend and immediately jacob says" Hey i know you, you came to my house in San Benito" come to find out jacob just recently moved to mcallen from San Benito. so i came across jacob when elder frandsen and i were looking for his brother who was a former but we ended up talking ot jacob on his way to work. Let me try and put this into perspective this encounter is like me talking to someone in centerville utah and then 5 weeks later coming across them in a random house in Murray utah. Not to mention Jacob and his girlfriend have been wanting to go to a church. God is good. RISE ABOVE!! RISE ABOVE!! RISE ABOVE!!
the best breakfast
Skate And Destroy
Only in the valley
Magnet on a members fridge
All White Everything.