Monday, January 25, 2016

senor te necesito

so monday. we had a pretty good day. rockport had dinner with us and we had the baptismal interview for Victor and Marissa cause they are super ready. we thought all was well and that they would be able to get baptized on the 24th.. hah yeahhhh come to find out that they arent even married yet...our hearts sank..
tuesday: we had a super good district meeting and i stayed in portland with E jardine. had the interview for tracey for her to be baptized on the 24th. and everything went well. Wednesday: had a missionary broadcast and it was super good. we all met at the stake center. "teaching repentance and baptizing converts" we worked hard that day.. but i felt like not hard enough cause all of our member presents fell through. we got lots of referrals but nothing too solid. we also started talking to victor and marissa about them getting married and they are super down to get married on the 29th. yes!! its gonna work out.
thursday: everything was good and then we got a call from tracey.. of her telling us that she doesnt want to talk to us for a few days because i guess we have been stressing her.. but we hadnt seen her since tuesday.. it was kinda weird and so random and bummed us out. so we started a fast as a zone for everyone in our zone. later that day we met with Talitha and Michael for the first time at first said that they are catholic and lutheran and wouldnt convert... and near the end of the lesson they had a million questions and wanted to know more and are so interested and want us to come back soon.. HA! its amazing how the spirit works.
friday: planned for the following week. victor and marissa got their marriage license. SICK!! its all gonna go down next week we thought. everything is good. we call our bishop.. and find out that friday isnt going to work for him so we are going to try for saturday. alma 8:10 saturday: had a way good zone meeting. learned so much from it and just got tons of animo to go out and work. later that day when we were going to visit a recent convert there was this guy grilling outside and we stopped and asked what he was cooking. and we ended up talking to him and his wife for a while and they gave us some ribs. it was awesome. they are Noe y Nadie. 2 super cool people and they want us to come by again so we can share the message with their children. later that day.. we find out from bishop that saturday actually isnt going to work and that it might just go back to friday..
sunday: we go to church and find out that the wedding might have to be pushed back for the next week. which means they wouldnt be able to get baptized till the next weekend. we are like oh man.. .no way... and people in the ward are already talking about the wedding and just getting all of this hype for it. cause they all love victor and marissa a ton. church was great. but we decided to see if we could do it during the week because they are super ready for it all. so we talk some more with the bishop and decided that it could happen on thursday so they could still get baptized on sunday the 31st..... well yeah we just got a call this morning saying that thursday isnt going to work either.. ahh!! its driving us loco.. but we are still figuring it out and have lots of faith that itll still go down this week. by the way transfers is tomorrow... and we JUST found out that Elder Anderson and I are both leaving Portland.. I am going to Casa Blanca Loredo, and my comp is going to loredo south.
we are both right next to the border!!! but yeah all of this crazy stuff is going down and just like that. we are both being moved from portland. super sad.. but it is what it is. dont mail anything to the portland address. if you want to mail something just mail it to the mission offices in mcallen. gracias por todo. but yeah thats whats going on. the address is

 Elder Raul Gonzalez
Texas McAllen Mission
200 West La Vista Avenue
McAllen, TX 78501

also my new area is a bike area so im super pumped!
victor and marissa they are so dope!
gilbert and stephanies dog. so cute.. 
haha this is gustavo. we have many pigeons that hangout on our deck. i really enjoy them. i give them bread. my comp hates them but i think they are funny.
blessings from portland. i love having dessert with every meal.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Con Valor Marchemos


so last p day was a fun day and all.. a while ago we were teaching this guy named Todd. he was super rad and just really needed our help but randomly stopped talking to us. i truly missed this guy and we would sometimes talk about him even though we werent teaching him. well on monday we got a random text like an hour before the end of the night. he was like heyy i really need your help, i dont know what to do anymore. so we go straight to his place. he opens the door and man this guy really needs the gospel like the look in his eyes he was so sad about some things in his life and seriously wants change like now. so we started talking to him everything is super good. the next day we went back over with brother muhammed and it was a good lesson. the spirit was just so strong there. later tuesday night we went to go give a member a blessing cause he was going to get heart surgery the next day. while i was giving him the blessing.. my head got all warm and it felt like someone was putting their hands on my head while i had mine on his.. there are things that happen that i just cant explain how they feel and how awesome it just is.. that moment was truly amazing and i don think I'll ever forget it. im super grateful for the spirit. the next day we found two lost friends. we went to go contact a potential from forever ago. there was this kid across the street walking. we started walking to him and asked if he wanted a card and he was like " man i was hoping you would" and bam we just started talking for a long time and he was super down to be baptized and come to church. he is 18 and a Christian rapper and is just super awesome. its pretty cool cause near the end of our conversation he was like you know i usually never walk down this street cause this is the long way but for some reason i did today. man that was awesome to here. cause we were actually thinking about going to a different part of town. and ahhhh it was just great:)
later that night we had another lesson with Victor and Marissa, it was a great lesson about prophets and at the end victor says.." you know guys, i am soo happy and grateful that you guys come almost everyday. that we can talk to you. like ever since you came, theres been like a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. i want my family to grow up in a church like this and it honestly makes me so happy everytime you guys come over" i almost wanted to cry... cause seriously one of my whys why im on a mission is to help lighten the loads of those that are weary.. and it was just... something so perfect to here. victor and marissa already have such a great testimony of everything in the church ahh its great! haha we also had interviews with the presidente on friday and it was super good and just fun to be as a zone and learn from the APs haha. I feel like everytime we have a zone anything i always get so pumped i just want to go out and work!! everything is about attitude. a couple days last week all of our plans fell.. like the whole day and because we kept our attitude super good and kept working hard and finding more and more things to do to find new people. we were able to. yeah it was hard when your member present falls through cause the investigator just wasnt there but seriously just keep going. one day last week we went to go contact this referral and there was this guy on the phone in the garage. so we went and started talking to him and he just starts going off and jabbing at us telling us we dont believe in jesus and all this crazy stuff... he was like just going off on... our beliefs ha not his. but ours.. there wasnt much we could do but just stand our ground and bare testimony.. like seriously.. people can question doctrine all they want but someones testimony they cant.. we bore testimony and he kept quite and said that he loves us and hopes we have a good day and then we left. oh man it was super loco.. but seriously just remembering to not be afraid mosiah 18:9 we are standing as witnesses of god at all times. dont be afraid. man that was crazy but just a good experience. also haha as good as having two meal appointments back to back sounds.. it really isnt a good idea. hah well we had it one day. and wow.. it was a lot.. also couches are of the devil. haha i swear everytime we sit down on them we want to fall asleep. ..que mas.. que mas... yeah it was just another crazy week and this is the last week of the transfer so lets see if i get to stay another one in portland cause its so rad here and i love everyone!!

2 Timothy 2:3
it was super windy and cold on day.. perfect kite weather. and then later that night it got all warm. the cold front is an amazing thing
squishing puppies
saw these little dudes at the aquarium and it was outside. how cool:)

aquarium fun!!
thats not my dolphin.. but it was nice.
just thinking about the mission life and how awesome it is. so blessed.

Friday, January 15, 2016


another crazy week! stayed in portland with E. russell on exchanges and just went ham everywhere we went! we had mucho animo and just pumped about everything! hes like a step brother to me haha. i only see him on the weekends and thats enough and im okay with that hahaha. hes super goofy. tuesday night we wanted to visit with this potential from last week. well it was about 8 and hadnt eaten so we were like lets go pick up subway and come back and talk to angelica cause she lives in the apartments next to us. so we go to subway and the line is super long. so we decide to go teach angelica and come back and we go running out of subway and E.russell trips and totally belly flops in the drive thru lane and tore his pants and scraped his belt buckle.. ive never laughed so hard hahah E.russell is 6'6 so it was a far fall and he wasnt expecting it at all hahah. i still laugh about it now hahah it was hilarious. so we get in the car and race to angelica.. annndddd shes not home.. ha we were like dang.. really.. okay. so we go get our subway come back and try again and yay! she was home!! so we talked to her and asked her if she would be baptized and with no hesitation she said yes for her and her son! we were like sick!! it was a great way to end the night! we get back to the apartment and he was so sad about his pants hahah. also on monday we had an FHE with tracey and we were talking about the word of wisdom with her. and i dont know how but somehow bro thompson ended up talking about the BM of an african women and how we need to eat healthy and be healthy. it was super weird but really funny and tracey took the whole lesson very well hahaha. while i was on an exchange with E. russell we got a call from rockport with some referrals so we wrote them down and went on our way. the first house this boy answers the door and hes wearing a swimming shirt and so bam! him and i just start talking about swimming. turns out hes friends with a few members that also swim. he was a super nice kid said he is methodist but went to the stake dance the weekend before and really enjoyed it. we started teaching him the restoration on his porch cause he wouldnt let us into his house. all was well... and then his dad showed up... come outside and is nice to us. ask him if hed like to join and he says no.. and then immediately after. his son says that he will have to deny the lesson as well and that his mother is the pastor at the methodist church and has been for 20 years.. it was pretty strange.. and then they walked inside and we went on our way.. later that night we had a lesson with victor and marissa this couple that is just super awesome and really prepared.. well we taught them the gospel of jesus christ and at the end victor bears his testimony about how he's always felt like he has been guided through out his life but once he moved to dallas he stopped having those feelings.. and so he decided to move back to sinton with his wife. and then he started feeling those good guiding feelings again. and moved to portland and got an amazing job. we look at him and explain to him that, that is the spirit and explained that he was guided to us and victor says that he agrees and believes that he was guided to hear our message.. it was super touching.. like this man was about to cry he was so happy.. i love them so much! they are planning to get baptized at the end of the month. later this week we did some service in gregory cleaning a hoarders front yard. it was actually pretty fun and i got to keep some cool things haha. we tried to meet with this kid named Daron that we met playing prosball last weekend. we go to the basketball court and meet up and hes like guys theres something that ive been wanting to ask you guys all day. and it was kinda cool cause he was just looking for some advice on what to do in a situation when someone on his basketball team makes fun of him or wants to fight him... like dang we've only met you one time and you ask us for advice.. idk why but it made me feel good that he can look to us in need. hes only 15. we asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes. we had dinner at the Dements and they just started a diet so they told us to try and eat as much Blue Bell ice cream as would could.. i almost barfed they gave us so much ice cream.. and to be honest i hate ice cream.. hahah oh the dements are great. Met this guy named Blas! super cool vato and i hope to tell you guys more about him as time goes on. this other day sorry im just jumping everywhere. but this other day we were on bikes. we had super rad plans to find and teach! so we started out good by visiting bro lane and reading a chapter with him. hes a very old man who doesnt get much company. so we ride and ride and ride and try and contact people and find and then all of a sudden our dinner plans with an investigator fall.. so we go to our back up and nothing.. no one answers so we go to our back up back up and go through all of our plans and seriously no one was home. so we now have 3 hours of just nothing cause everything fell through. we were a little frustrated but we kept going on. met this guy who is a long lost member and he is amazing at guitar! it was super cool to hear his story... so we did all we could and i was determined to find someone new this day. its about 8:30 and we just dont have a whole ton of time left. we go to visit a former and nothing came out of it but theres this man standing outside of his front door. smoking and playing xbox through the door. i go to him..not thinking much will come out of it and ask him for referrals.. idk how but we ended up talking about mattresses and how to sell them for the next 40 minutes. haha he works at mattress firm and is actually super chill and has been looking for something to take his family too. so we taught him the restoration and set up a time to come back. haha it was super rad !! and seriously its good to never assume how things will turn out cause you really dont know. but hes just an awesome nice guy his name is ryan. the next day we try to meet with this guy named AJ. we talk to him for a bit but he was fixing a neighborhood kids bike so he goes in the back to fix the rim.. so elder anderson and i wait out front... while we are waiting this guy comes out and tells us to leave.. and we were like oh we are waiting for AJ. and hes like welll you guys can leave..
then we ask.. well did AJ say that.. the guy said.. no, i said that, so leave... hahah things were started to get heated so we left.. aha yeah weird
we also met this lady named Lucy who was a pentecostal. after talking to her it made me so happy and just gave me such a good feeling in my heart that i know that there is hope for people who die and didnt recieve the gospel. her husband died a drunk and she believes that he is in a firery pit in hell burning.. im like wow that sounds terrible.. dont you wish your husband could be in a better place and she said no... i was shocked.. like someone you love.. wouldnt you want the best for them even if they did mess up in life.. we tried to teach and talk to here. but she was very firm in her beliefs. and it just made me sad that people actually think in that way.. we are so blessed to have the fullness of the gospel. not just part of it but all of it. we are able to live happily and know what we have to do in this life and what will happen after. prepare ourselves to be with Him now. dont wait.. do it now. i love you all.
hope you enjoy.
this is Gordon Muhammed. He was baptized in september. got this priesthood 2 weeks later and is already teaching the gospel principals class. he did baptisms for the dead this last weekend and also got his patriarchal blessing. this guy is amazing. him and his wife help us out so much. just want you guys to know.. thats all haha.
we were celebrating cause we met our zone goals of baptisms last month! yay!
goofy elder sanchez and stanley

we all love eachother and the van is the place to be 
 whataburger is alright.. everyone likes it hahha. I love how elder russell looks like a big foot picture haha.. and those glasses i found in the hoarders front yard. they are super rad!
got him to try spam! and he liked it haha i ate pretty much the whole can and im still healthy! yay! 
hahah me on my sick bike!!
saw this while riding bikes.. haha kinda funny.
 big kitty on the roof..
portland texas in a picture.. big truck.. palm tree and a nice sunset.. haha chao

Monday, January 4, 2016

Stairway To Heaven

another good week...oh man what a week what a week...
hahah i wont have any pictures sorry.. i was literally so busy ahhh this week was amazing. soooo first off was p day it was good as usually. then bam! next day was district meeting and then two day exchanges. i stayed in portland with my district leader and so it was super fun to be in charge of the area and make all of the plans. soo im going to first start out with the first miracle that happened. we had a zone goal of 8 baptisms. for the month of december and beginning of this last week we only had 7.. and so everyone was praying hard and really working hard to find a miracle baptism.. it was crazy. there were so many challenges as a zone and still there was no luck we had no idea where we were going to find someone. all of a sudden on wednesday.. we got a group text.. from our zls.. they came across someone who really wanted their grandson to be baptised and the grandfather asked. could my grandson be baptized this weekend. and the zls said.. what about tomorrow. and the grandfather said yes. so like that bam!! we had a baptism the next day on the last day of the month and we met our goal. as a zone we were all there and it was super amazing. like with everyone working hard to find. the lord really helped us out. while we were on exchanges. we were just busting our butts and working hard to find new people to teach running from house to house. wednesday morning we get a call from the sinton elders. (sinton is not in my zone) and they say heyyy we have 2 investigators for you guys. they just moved from sinton to portland we've taught them a few times and they are super down for baptism. so they give us their names and number and bam we go and meet them and their names are Victor and Mariss and they have a little baby named... i cant remember.. hah it was named after a ufc fighter but anyways. we go and meet them and they are super open to everything and already feel the spirit when they read and pray and victor understands that his baptism as a baby wasnt valid and he wants to be baptized the right way with the right authority.. and marissa has never been baptized.!! ahhhh like they are so down and we've been meeting with them and they are so kind and just love everything already. so later on when we were meeting up with the rockport elders to switch back after exchanged. my comp and E.russell were stopped by this girl named angelica in our apt parking lot and asked for a pamphlet. they talk to her for a little bit and then set up a time for us to come back. well we met with her last night and she tells us that she is really looking for a church for her and her 9 yr old son to go to. she was soo happy that we came over and talked to her. and shes just super excited to learn more and go to church. like way excited. i feel like there were tons of other great things that happened but i forgot my planner:/ elder anderson and i were running last night from house to house. like literally working super hard. and at the end of the night.. its just the best feeling knowing youve done all that you could. the lord will bless you in so many cool and different ways if you do all that you can. ooooh on exchanges. we were going around singing "when i am baptized" to people using a ukelele and we got reffered to this house and we go and knock on it and this guy comes out and we give him our missionary speal and i tell him that we want to sing him a song. and he looks at us and just says.."i give up, im going inside" and he gets his mail and walks back in... i look at E. Jardine.. like what the... hahah and idk why but it was so funny and awkward hahahaha i still laugh about it now hahah. man last week was super loco. also a while ago we were eating at a members house and we were eating this pasta stuff with ground beef and it was almost soupy.. and then the member was talking about how she never drains the ground beef... and then i look back at what im eating.. and its literally just in a bowl of grease... ha yeahh... my stomach did not feel good at all after.. haha i almost started laughing when she said that cause i couldnt believe it hahah. but yeah ive always seen how being obedient has really blessed my comp and i. all day we work so hard. but when we got to sleep at night at the time we are supposed to. i wake up everyday feeling like i slept 14 hours. its amazing and just super weird how that works out but i know its cause we are being obedient and showing that we truly want to work. the lord will bless you. you just gotta do what you are told. also something cool about the ward. so there was an eagle court of honor that we went to for 2 kids in our ward and it was awesome to see the support from the ward there. like there were so many families that were there that dont even have kids in scouts or even kids at all. they are just their to support. thats something everyone should be doing cause thats seriously what makes a ward so great!! i love you all! 2016 is already super rad!! sorry no pictures.. i will maybe take some next week.

Friday, January 1, 2016


we had our christmas conference last week as a whole mission. Its the first time that it has ever happened. we drove 3 hours to mcallen. It was super awesome. there was lots of musical numbers and slide shows and even a gift exchange. There were so many gifts near the end we got to watch all of the hermanas try and shoot a 3 pointer for more gifts.. it was kind of funny cause only 3 made it haha and then it was the elders turn but from half court haha and it took forever cause there were so many. When i went there. i met a couple kids that i went to school with. Mike Packer and Josh Chamberlain. 2 super nice good people. it was cool to talk to them and catch up a little bit even though i never talked to them in school. There were also skits haha they were hilarious..i wish i could go into detail but i dont have much time.. the next day we met a Cuban named Ricardo. He was a super awesome guy who loved religion and art history haha. christmas eve we had dinner with the Dements. they are a super awesome family and we also ate with the Sinton elders. they are not in our zone but are in our ward.. hah and that night there was just a massive fog that came over the city and just everywhere. it was weird but kind cool. hahah when you walked outside it felt like you just walked into the bathroom after someone took a hot hot shower haha. christmas day came around and it didnt even feel like christmas. we visited some families and to be honest im really happy to see our friendship with the members here are getting better. we've had quite a few days of just no success but us doing all that we can and trying to set up as many plans that we can. saturday came around and still the exact same thing.. just a gloomy day of nothing good happening but seriously us doing all that we can. i guess my dumb blonde jokes werent very good cause my companion still felt bad and didnt have a lot of animo for the rest of the day. so from then on i decided to be the first to talk to everyone and just have tons of animo. we finished the day visiting a less active family..we ended up talking for a while and they talked about coming to church tomorrow which would be the first time since ive been here. and sure enough.. the next day on sunday. they were there!! not just them. but 3 of our other investigators.. it was honestly a miracle especially cause tracey (investigator) is always sick and never comes but she came!!! and same with Brian! we later visited sister holliday and her fiance brian.. and seriously us going over yesterday was perfect cause right now in brians life he is going through something and really needs the gospel.. as long as we are working and doing what we need to do. the lord will provide.. this email right now kinda sounds weird as i read it again. but seriously.. if you are doing all that you can do.. and you dont see any fruits yet.. dont be sad.. just keep going.. the lord will provide and help you. dont lose faith either. its honestly helped strengthen my testimony. idk why but i always compare everything to swimming. I remember many times it truly sucked being in the cold water and i just wanted to leave and give up. But really in that moment thats when you need to work harder. find something to help bring your spirits up. when we were trying to contact some people and everything was just kinda blue.. i told my comp since i bought a guitar that im going to write him a song about him. haha so i started singing to him and he just burst out laughing cause it was so funny and goofy. yeah it was weird but heyy... it got us through the night and helped us work a little harder. this last week was a little tough but it all came back around. i hope everyone had a good christmas.
I miss you all. be safe out there.

watching the hermanas shoot hahah

the fog on christmas eve.. so spooky! haha

hola 12/21/15

soooooooooooo transfers was last week. only a few people left out of my zone. haha elder anderson and I stayed in portland. i forgot to tell of a story from a zone meeting a few weeks ago. soo we had this zone meeting. the last one of the transfer and on the same day some elders were having a baptism for a teenager named Meryk. well the elders in my zone asked everyone in the zone to come to the baptism since we were having the meeting in the same building. so we are crammed into the room just right before he was going to get dunked. Meryk is about 16. he's been a floater investigator for over a year. finally he was going to get baptized. he got up to go get into the faunt and then someone invited all of the children to come up front to watch it happen. a few kids ran up front to check it out. and then just a few seconds after.. all of Meryk's homies got up and ran up front...(they are not members) and then his family ran up.. so pretty much everyone in the room was at the edge of the faunt. it was cool to see all of his friends all pumped and super into it. after he was baptized.. someone asked him.. how do you feel.. and he just burst into tears.. saying he felt clean for once.. truly clean.. i can tell that just from that moment. Meryk was setting a huge example for his friends and family.. idk why it was just a great moment to be there..
okayyy so this last week we had exchanges again but this time i was left in portland and was to lead everything for the day. we were on bikes and it was super fun. it got pretty cold one night and my head light got stolen... hah so strange but whatever. we've been finding a ton of new people. This guy Cory we have been talking to is super sick! he already knows a ton about the church and agreed to be baptized. being on a mission in the states is so weird and different than argentina haha but its still awesome. we also had our first zone meeting of the transfer on saturday and it was pretty fun.
later that day we were trying to visit a super less active family.. we knocked on the door and this guy opened it and came outside. we asked if we could go inside and share something.. and he said that he had quite a few dogs that would tear us apart.. so i ask him what kind of dogs.. he said they are all pugs. hahah
i was like woahhhh you have to let us in. in love pugs!! haha soooo he let us in:) hahah i dont have much more to write about.. sorry.. all of my funny good experiences i can never remember.. have a good christmas. i miss you all. be safe.
alsoooo.. one night we got a voicemail that was sent out to our whole zone. it was from the Bel Aire elders down in corpus.. they were just telling us that they got emergency transfered to mccallen and might even leave the mission.. it was super sad to hear cause i actually liked those elders.. we are going to see them tomorrow for our christmas conference but then after that they are leaving.
funny texans and their lights, im sure my brother will appreciate that haha

finally found a volvo!! haha
her name is Mary Ann 
just postin up enjoying my bishops view from his deck before we had lunch with him yesterday. 
my bishop's view. 
my companero dissapeared after we finished planning yesterday and i was wondering what he was doing... i go to our extra room to find him doing this... ha what a derpy guy hahah hes funny.. but his family sent him those pj's and he was taking a picture to send to them hahah que raro!

Transfer 1 - 12/14/15

wow im trying to think back to what happened during this last week and i can barely remember.. last p day we found these two guys names james and andrew. two super cool went to gregory to find some more people there. gregory is about like 7 mintues away from us using the freeway. We found Eva and her husband up there. we usually dont go to gregory that often because we have limited miles that we can use each month. so we did lots of work up there and after we found eva we realized that we will have to come up here more often during the week. I suggested to my comp that we should ride bikes up here. yeah its like kinda far from where we are but its for the salvation of these people. yeahhh he didnt like that haha he said no cause its too far.. haha but one of these days im going to get him to ride up to gregory hahah. im seriously trying to think what even happened the rest of the week... ha. we had a ward christmas party on saturday. there was a huge turn out and lots of good food. it was mexican themed. soo it was good mexican food. once again stuffing our faces. it was super awesome. we find out today if we are being transfered or not. so dont write any letters the the address with moore. just write them to the mission offices because im going down to mccallen next week for the christmas conference. we had a zone meeting on saturday because two hermanas were dying this transfer. i also went up to rockport for exchanges and did lots of great things. contacted a ton of people and got some new people for them. yeahhhh. wow i seriously dont know what to write about.. i hope everyone is doing great! and that they are all excited for christmas. haha remember to always love your family and have faith in christ.
i want everyone to watch this video. we've been sharing it with lots of families.

its a super good video and i hope you all get something out of it. oohhhh also i got my comp to finally sing to people we meet. so we have been doing that a lot lately haha and actually thats what we do when we contact people hahah sing them a hymn. like Grand Eres Tu. its beautiful.

my district. we are all from utah haha how nice.
postin up with T-bone
back in the jungle hah.. jk no just some bushes on the side of the road.. i thought it looked cool haha

elder anderson and i wanted to take christmas pictures to send to people.. but he was being super shy and wouldnt put on his hat cause there were people walking by.. hahah so i just took a picture:)
my zone at the last zone meeting of the transfer. we got zone shirts. they are pretty neat so we had to wear them.
another attempt for christmas pictures.. but it was super cloudy and rainy..
his name is bryson... what a strange person name for a dog.. but hes super nice haha gilbert and stephanie just got them from another member.
spooky crack house brother thompson bought haha. hes gonna fix it up haha 
the view behind the house.