Tuesday, February 17, 2015


this last week was greeaaattt. we played some soccer. sang hymns to everyone we taught... for some reason since ive been out here i have grown to really enjoy singing hahah weird. everytime we sing to investigadores we can always feel the spirit so strongly its great. every week i learn something new. this last week i learned someting very strange but new to me. as elder buccholz and i were riding bikes down a street trying to figure out which houses to go to we passed by a house that was completely black. i was like thats a strange house we should try talking to the people in it. thats when my comp pulled me to the side and said it would be better if we did not. i was like thats strange. come on man lets just try and then elder buccholz told me that the house being colored black was a symbol i was like really of what. he said the people inside are Sana Muerte..... i had no idea what that meant. he then told me that they worship the grim reaper and dark things like that... i thought that was pretty sketch.. and we went on our way. there are a lot of weird dark religions like that here. the thing is to keep working hard and to have faith that everything will be alright cause it will. later on this week i decided it would be a great idea to eat cereal while i do my personal study in the morning. one thing to always remember.. never trust milk that comes in a bag. after i ate the cereal i got this crazy bad stomach ache and it felt like someone was poking my stomache with knifes. i was like ahh itll pass soon. let me just pop some tums and ill be good to go. yeeahhh no. it went on allll day and intot he next i thought i was going to die haha. but i survived hahah. on friday we had a zone conference which was wayyy fun. we watched meet the mormons and ate awesome pizza and empanadas. the best ever. my companion and i have started to find and eat from different panaderias and alfajores are my weakness... ive eaten 2 almost everyday they are soo good. today we found a new investigator when we were in this wine shop buying equipos de mate. we talked to the owner of the shop for a long time and we are going to meet with him and his family in a couple weeks. que chevere. apparently bachata is barely hitting argentina so everywhere we go all i hear is bachata. its amazing. hahah i hope everyone is doing well.
brick oven farm we found

cool cat that was watching us as we knocked on doors.

my favorite pizza everrrrr. jamon con huevos.

p day breakfast of champions

almafuerte is this really popular argentine band. people write their name everywhere here in chacabuco. same with a lot of american bands like slipknot and nirvan haha kinda cool

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lets rock n roll and save some souls

woww this week was a little crazy. i went to a city called Chivilcoy and switched companions for a day. when i was there i realized how important missionary work is. there are a lot of religions here and many people try to bring us down or make fun of us just cause we are wearing white shirts. near the end of my visit there we decided to go visit this investigator that works at a brick oven. soo we started our long trek through campo and hit this dirt road. we were riding our bikes forrrrreverrrr. ahh it sucked and it was sooooo hot. i felt like we were never going to get there... well we ended up not finding the brick oven that he worked at so we turned around. my legs killed and i just wanted to go back to the apartment.. we then had an impression to visit this inactive member that no one has seen in forever cause he is never home. and for once he was home. we were able to talk to him and invite him to church. its up to us to not give up or get discouraged and to keep working hard. everday before we leave my companion and i always say. Lets rock n roll and save some souls. its our go to phrase whenever things are kind of sucky. we just have to keep working hard. this whole week its been soooo hot. and humid and we almost die everyday. but we keep on working hard and Endure To The End. on saturday we had this great idea to buy some chorizo and cook it up for lunch. well while we were eating it with mashed potatoes.. we came to find out that it wasnt fat we were tasting but it was raw meat.. we didnt cook it all the wayy.. it was pretty gross.. and after that we felt sick hahah i still laugh about it haha. but we went out and kept working hard and because of our hard work we were able to find new people to teach haha. we were able to fix our fan we had. the blade broke off of it along time ago so we melted the blade back on. well the fine works.. but it makes a really really loud noise and we can barely talk around it or the alarm clock.. welll in the last night maybe like 1 or 2 am i woke up and there was this loud horrible noise it sounded like something was going to explode.. i get up turn on the light and the fan is coming apart and moving across the room. probably one of the most sketch things that has happend so far.. i hurried and turned off the fan.. soo now we are back sleeping in the heat.. sorry if this email is all scattered its hard to remember everything that has happened in the week. i know a lot of cool things have happened. but they all come to my head randomly haha. thats all for now i love you gusy. keep working hard with whatever youre working with.
- greyhounds of a member there are so many here to be chased by one of these dogs on a bike is the scariest thing ever.. 
 - totally rad car i found lol hahah said drifting on it. thought i would take a pic for my amigos haha 
- esta photo es para mi tia y tio. theres a street named saavedra. que chevere

Monday, February 2, 2015


I'm finally here in Chacabuco Argentina. its a very beautiful place. when i was in the mtc i said that i hope to go to the country side in argentina and just ride a bike everywhere. well thats exactly what i got. haha its wayy rad. lots of great people here. there is really poor and also very rich people here. they are all nice though. the coolest thing though to me is that their rock n roll is like stuck in the 80s. its tooooooooo sick. hahaha my comp is elder buccholz from seattle. good guy. hes been here for 14 months. hes a great trainer and this is only his 2nd month being in this area so we are both kinda new in this area. the branch is very small of just about 40 people. sacrament attendance is very low. depending if it is raining or not. for some reason people just dont come to church if its raining. haha everybody here thinks im joking whenever i tell them im from the united states as well whenever i tell them my last name. hahah its kinda funny and a few times people think im from here in argentina. theres a lot of great stories i have to tell but i dont have very much time. one thing i can say is the Siesta is taken very seriously in chacabuco. from 12pm to 5pm the whole town is very quiet it and its because they are all napping. it kinda sucks cause then some grocery stores arent open but we always find one that is. last night we had dinner at an investigators house. we had milanesa. it was amazinggggggggggg. the investigators name is Fatima. shes very nice and loves to bake. so we are always eating cake. ive been chased by many dogs while i ride my back.. and its not just any stray dogs.. its like german shepard or greyhound stray dogs. its really sketchy but my things are slowly getting bigger and bigger from all this bike riding so i can speed past all of the dogs. also here in Chacabuco there is this thing called Chacastunt..... which is basiclly people doing wheelies on their motorcycles across intersections. huge huge groups of kids will do this all night long. its kinda cool to watch but kind of annoying haha. one night elder buccholz and i were sitting in bed talking and all of sudden we see a cock roach on the wall. we jumped up and went to hit it and then it fell off of the wall and we couldnt find it.... sooo we just decided to go to sleep hahah. lots of bugs here. this email is probably very scattered but i hope you guys all understand me. thanks for the support. it means a lot. chao chao. hopefully i can write more next time.
the first picture is of the temple in buenos aires. Chacabuco is about 3hours from the city. 
 the second is a picture of the backyard at the house in chacabuco.
riding bikes to an investigators house 

abandoned building