Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Leave The Light On

had a bomb week. The Lara's have been coming to church and Ariel is getting baptized next sunday. Super proud and happy for mijo. Casa Blanca is changing a ton . Laredo in general.
Found this guy named Dustin we were try to pass by this super less active and ended up finding Dustin he was man i really want to get closer to go and even get baptized cause i never have. he was like this isnt a coincidence at all that you guys came today and knocked on my door. YES Lets go!! haha hes awesome! We had a ton of help this week. had a super hard greenie moment this week as well. we were in a trio with E. Ault and we were visitng hmna Mata and her grandaughter and we were talking and everything was going great and then she started to tear up a little and we kept teaching then i asked if she would want jesus christ to be her best friend and then she just burst into tears... i was lost.. and was thinking what did i do. I look at my companions for help cause i had been talking the whole time and everyone just looked back at me.. I look at mijo and all he does is look at me and look back at them and then didnt say anything. ahh it was so strange and weird. we learn so much everyday haha. We also met Javier this week, a super dope guy and we are cutting his lawn, i'll explain next week why its been taking forever. i dont have a lot of time rn to write. So this guy named alexis got baptized last week and we were visiting an hmna in our area and he was there cause he is dating her granddaughter. well alexis is 18 and we talked about the blessings from the baptism and then something random came up about being soldiers as we are dressed up in a white shirt and tie. we then went off on how great the mission is and how we are good soldiers of jesus christ. i think i remember saying that a ton when i was a greenie back in portland. We Are Gods Army. and in that moment that we were talking about the things you learn on the mission i actually realized how usefull all of this for the rest of our lives. and we just pumped him up for a mission and thinks itd be awesome to go. The gospel is here for us. Take advantage of it okay!! dont let it just be that thing in your life. make it your life!!! just do it!! we also got a random call last week that this guy was in the hospital and he asked for the elders to go visit him. so we raced over there and it was a former that acosta and i had. hes not a member but he asked for a blessing like 20% of his heart was working and he was about to have some procedure done. so we give him the blessing.. and wow the spirit is great. after every blessing we give i am like super sweaty and tired. it reminds me of all of those people who have visitations of angels or just get right into the gospel in the book of mormon, the spirit is so great and strong that they go right to sleep. that made me realize why my greenie is always sleepy hahah is cause the change that he made from at home to the mission field. the spirit is so great we should all feel it everyday. I love you all and pleaseeeee read the book of mormon! it'll change your life!!

also write me letters too thatd be rad:D

6402 Mcpherson Road apt#54
Laredo, Tx 78041
I love Laredo!!
lol mijo puttin in work! he's a stud.
JW blitz we came across
 Javiers Lawn
members pitbull
too good to be true. Milagro find just thought id let you guys know

I'll send more pics next week. I love you all. I really do.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Clear the Lane

everything is good in Laredo texas! i have tons to say but no time. had lots of spiritual experiences. i just have one thing truly to say. Read Helamen 5. also i went on an exchange with E.Watchorn and while we were riding out bikes i got hit by a car.. lol. i was praying that my bike wasnt messed up. i just picked it up and we kept riding. the rim is a little bent but i am good. as we rode of the driver rolled down the window and yelled for us to come back. she was so sad and scared..and started crying.. and guess what. she turned into a potential and the missionaries are going to visit her. i have to go now. it got to about 108 on day oh my!! i think i was dead haha but it was fun! we got lots of free water. the mission is the best!! thanks for all of the support i'll have more to write next week okay. hope you guys all had a good fathers day. dont forget Helamen 5
mijo playing musical chairs. he won. ahh so proud. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Wake Up

pretty rad week!
Kerry had his interview and everything went well. we had a great lesson with hmno robledo. he was just going off about how he felt like he got baptized too early, then we share alma 13:27-30 and it all made sense to him. it made me so happy that he finally understood. power of the spirit is real. Frankie had his first day of being sober!! wooo!! this guy we are teaching. he really wants to change and be better for his daughter and things are improving. E. Scott is learning and growing each day.
this one day we went by hmna Lara and asked her to come with us and invite her neighbors to church and the first door we go to she introduces us as Jehovas Witnesses.. in my mind i was like WHAT THE FREAK!! AH!! lol and after i told her haha. "hmna we arent jws" and she was like ahhhh did i say that?!?! i was just so nervous hahah we laughed about it. also E.Scott crashed on his bike again lol.. i took a corner and then all i heard was his body hitting the pavement lol haha i look back and he is picking up his bike haha. its been pretty dang hot and humid this last week!. we met this 2 guys from imperial valley ministries, they are recovered drug addicts that raise money to help other drug addicts and help get them off of the streets. they stood out in the sun for like 6 hours. i dont know how they are still alive. later we visited the mackenzie family and that was super interesting..they referred us to their neighbor so we head on over and as we pull up i start talking to my comp about the last visit and then all of a sudden the front door opened. right away i asked hEYYY can we sing you a song? she says yes and then i asked do you believe in god? and then she went on about how she is pretty sad right now cause the guy she is taking care of is in the hospital and will probably die soon. so we sand Venid A Cristo. and when we were done we continued to talk. the look in her eyes continued to change and then she started to cry as she told us all of her beliefs and as we told her of the restoration and the book of mormon. there was just a happiness inside her. I know that she could feel the spirit, we gave her a book of mormon and she was very happy to start reading it. Something similar to this happened the other day just up the road. while w were testifying and explaining the gospel the look in their eyes is just something else. I feel like their spirit inside is just rejoicing and screaming in happiness. its so AWESOME!!! later that night we had dinner at hmna grimsley's and she was telling us about this friend she used to have but hasnt gone to church in a while. so we go over with her to visit this menos activo and we show up and they are having a quinceanera or however you spell it and we find the hmna and start talking and then hmna grimsley comes over to talk. in the past they had beef thats why she wasnt really friends with her anymore....and a little old women fight almost broke out so we quickly left.. but dang.. we dont have time like that to be bent out of shape. theres more important things to worry about than someone not returning your phone calls. Please have charity and in all situations wwjd. and if you have a hard time being nice.. pray to be more charitable. theres a better life out there. WAKE UP WAKE UP!! go and get it!! what are you waiting for!! just go do it!! but other than that all is well. happy early fathers day to my dad! he's the best! i miss you papi! we'll start Monk over and go for bike rides when i get back. thanks for always loving me even when i never came home and cut my hair. have a rad week guys. i know i will.
sleepy kitty
scotty boy with hmna grimsley

Monday, June 6, 2016

My Own Prison

mmmmm what to say.
well a while ago we had been teaching this lady named Elisa and her son Omar. well yesterday during studies idk why but a few peoples names randomly popped into my head when i was reading about nephi building a boat. and one of the names was Elisa. i was thinking like wow thats weird.. maybe we should pass by them. So later we went to pass by. I banged on the door and quickly she opens and was like ahhh how are you. and we just talked for a little while and apparently we came just in time cause a lot of weird things have been going on in their house. one of her kids fell back into old ways and also just weird pentagram stuff going on and weird voices. We were like woahhhh well are you glad we are here then. so we picked them back up and will be visiting them often. also yesterday we were riding our bikes.. and i was just hauling it down this road. i always ride fast.. cause.. why ride slow.. so i was hauling it down this road and hit this little hill in the side walk, you can hit it like a jump. well i went off of it and kept riding and then i was like... i should probably look back and see if mijo is close are far behind me.. and i look back.. and he is on the ground.. hahahahahah! ahh what a trooper haha. apparently he tried to do the same thing as well but just ate it and tore his suit pants.. not his pros pants.. his suit pants.. ahh man his first sunday in Laredo haha it was hilarious. we laughed about it and kept going. que mas que mas.. we went digging this morning and i found out my son doesnt like to dig. so yeahhh but the rest of the apartment does. i'll have more to write about next week for sure. the mission is great and just following the spirit really helps. yesterday after our church and inbetween our next branch we were going to go to we decided to go wake up this guy that lives by the church and invite him to church. well he wasnt there but on the way back to the church this member saw us walking and picked us up and we went to go pick up his friends and bring them to church. none of them came but i was a start. our investigator frankie is progressing and same with Kerry, we had a miracle of 2 random people coming to church so that was super awesome. my son is growing so much its awesome and we also found 2 members that havent been to church in forever and that dont have their records over here in Laredo. blessings!! i think thats all for now have a rad week and be safe out there. i love you all. oh also dont be scared to share your testimony. we contacted this door and the lady was very bitter and just went off on how sad she was that we were missionaries for the lds church and that we need to find truth. it was a perfect opportunity to share my testimony. and thats all we did and left. ahh one more thing that ive learned a lot of.. is... just be chill.. justttttt be chill..and enjoy life and learn from it.. dont hold yourself back from learning and growing no one is perfect. todo esta bien..thanks for the support guys!
we walked up to a door and there was like 10 cats outside haha.
my papi, me and my son
scott with his ripped pants and the little hill in the sidewalk behind him. lol hahaha
digging this morning.
mijo enjoying the dig

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jesus Take The Wheel

started off the week with a really good P-Day we went out with hmna capetillo and had a couple great lessons with Kevin and Cassandra. then at night we found out that we need to be in mcallen on tuesday early in the morning. our mission president wanted to give every missionary a blessing before he dies (returns home) he treats us like his own kids and he would do that for his kids. so tuesday morning the laredo north zone took the 3 hour journery to mcallen to get a blessing. it was honeslty the craziest coolest experience ever. it honestly makes me sad that he is going to be leaving. hes such a stud and so inspired. we were also focusing on blessings this week. like giving people blessings.. we went to visit hmno Robledo we get there his twin boys are just super crazy and crying and we were trying to talk to him and it bummed me out a little bit cause he went on to say that he isnt even sure if he believes in god anymore cause his life is just sucky and he never gets to see his wife cause she is always working and going to school. we asked him if we could come back in like 40 minutes cause we had a set appointment right then and he said yeah that we could go back. so we go to the lesson with hmna grimsley and it was bomb and then we took her with us to hmno robledos and they just went on to talk about life and it was perfect. before we left we gave him a blessing and his mood completely changed and he was happy and just everything was just changed. it was so cool! the gospel is so real!! ah its the best!! the next day we finally go to visit hmna Iglesias. we have been trying all transfer to visit her but she never lets us but finally when our main plan fell through, i was like birrell im gonna call hmna iglesias and she told us to go over it was so awesome. she was so happy and talkative. and we even met her blind husband who i had never met and we gave him a blessing. it was awesome. then the next day near the end of the night we saw our former investigator jorge walking his dog. we walk over and start talking ot him and told him straight up that he could get baptized tomorrow and he was so down.. but he wouldnt wait to be interviewed :/ on sunday we went to a carne that this lady invited us to cause it was her aunts birthday. it was pretty cool cause we had just met her and she told us to come by next week and we did and the food was awesome. this monday birrell and i took a member out to dig for his first time. it was pretty fun. then we had transfer calls. they announced everyone and everyone who was told to go to mcallen at 9:30 was either getting a leadership position or training. birrell is gonna be a DL and they told me that i was staying in laredo and birrell is leaving. then like 20 minutes after we are all writing in journals and my zl was like ohh wait up... Gonzalez you have to be at the meeting in mcallen at 9:30. i was like whaaaaaaaat............ so yeah im training now haha. my sons name is Elder Scott he is from San Diego and his spanish is bomb for a greenie and he also plays the piano. what a milagro the 5th branch was in need of a piano player. haha the lord always provides haha. but yeah thats all the news. no one has died. lol so this morning i told my greenie hey can you say a prayer before we leave. he was like sure. then i told him. dont forget about safety though cause everyone drives crazy in laredo. he said the prayer and we were on our way to meet up with some more missionaries at the church. as we were biking i was crossing a street it was a green for us and i was riding infront of E.Scott and then this white car just goes for the turn super quick lol hahahah and almost hits me as im crosssing hahahah i look back at elder scott and just burst out laughing hhaha it was so funny haha i was like welcome to Laredo lol haha goofin so hard over it. i still think its funny but yeah the lord really blesses us missionaries. la expiacion is real and dont forget to use it. we have so many tools while we are here on earth. i love you guys. have a rad week.
Birrell with hmna Grimsley lol if she had black hair she would look like Edna Mode lol
Seth bear cooking some tofu and curry in the morning.. what a beautiful thing to smell as you step out of the shower in the morning hahah. not.
the carne we were at on sunday.. mmm so good.
lol saw acosta at the meeting. i miss that meat wad so much haha oh and thats elder Scott