Monday, November 16, 2015


another rough week went by.. and its all better now.. idk why i was freaking out the past couple of weeks. I can barely even remember what even happened during the week. haha at coordination we had like a 15 bean soup and it totally wrecked our stomaches but it tasted so good! we also had Gumbo after eating whataburger and i was seriously about to throw up cause i was so stuffed hahha we eat so much with members its amazing!! So we Gilbert and Stephanie got married on saturday!! it was super rad and everything worked out great!! they are so happy and then Bam! they get baptized the next day!! it was so sick and just a great blessing to be there and even baptize my 2nd week being here. that was seriously like the highlight of this whole week and just first transfer so far. we dont have any investigators right now but we are going to meet with Anita and Javon tonight and they are super great people they just need to be taught the lessons, Javon is 15 and is amazing at playing the saxaphone, he is trying out for the state band and he played for us and it was just so beautiful and amazing i couldnt even explain it. they also have weiner dogs so i love going over to their house hahah but its super hard to find a good time for them. ive also tried really hard to love christian music cause thats all missionaires listen to here.. and they hate classical.. it sucks but whatever hahaha. we also got a new referral just barely so thats rad. his name is Ron and we are going to go meet him today. its been pretty chilly the last few days and today is super hot so maybe itll rain tomorrow, I think next week i will have more to say but for right now this is it. sorry..:/ write me letters yo,, missionaries love letters

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