Monday, November 30, 2015


wow its weird how fast this month has gone by. this last week was alright, lots of good and some bad. i went to rockport last monday night for exchanges. its about a half hour north of portland. the elders up there live in a trailer.. its pretty ghetto.. like its actually really gross. theres rats and lots of cockroaches.. haha its pretty bad. Rockport is just a giant trailer park hahah like seriously. there are some houses but its mainly just a big trailer fishing town haha it reminded me a lot of scofield lake in utah hahah. i then came back to portland the next day and tonight im going back to rockport for exchanges again but this time with elder Jardine hes super rad and funny. on tuesday we visited Todd with bro.muhammed this super rad convert of only a couple months. He talked the whole time and talk about his conversion. bro.muhammed is the best and always wants to help us. he feels like since the church was absent in his life for so long that there is lots of catching up he wants to do. So he is helping us every chance that he can get. we also visited holly and her son julian. julian is about 13 and is wanting to be rebellious like his older brother. we talked for a while about the importance of coming to was a super good lesson. we visit their family a lot. then on Wednesday we had dinner with sister settle, she is in charge of genealogy and she is super good at it. She fed us so much chili dog it was amazing and i just almost exploded.. we did some genealogy and then went home. my stomach was acting up soo badly.. it was a bad idea to eat two chili dogs and a bowl of chili.. we were back in our apartment.. and my companion wanted me to call Todd and i was like yeahh.. just give me one second.. then idk what happened. i just then broke the biggest wind of my life.. it was terrible.. ive never seen so much anger and disgust in my companions face hahah it was hilarious hahah.. i felt a lot better after.
Thanksgiving day!
we went out and played football as a ward and then we went to the Dements house for a thanksgiving lunch. tried to watch what i ate cause i wanted to eat more later. we were all around the table and this little girl was eating a deviled egg..and then just starts throwing up... oh man.. everyone was done eating when that happened.. and thennnnnn she kept eating the egg..hahah after that i told my comp that we should leave before i lost my appetite hahah. so then we went to the church where a bunch of memebers who werent going to eat with family gathered together to eat lunch as a ward. lots of good pie. then we visited a sister and ate there and then went back to the dements. i dont know how we are still alive but we made it hahah. we had plans to meet with Todd at night.. we went to his apartment.. and he didnt open.. we then called him and nothing.. we were like thats weird. maybe something came up. we then decided to come back the next day and we did and still nothing.. we called him again and nada... that went on for the next couple of days.. and its kinda sucky.. like having someone super good to teach and then they just stop.. its weird but life goes on and my comp is still pretty bummy about it.. its kinda weird to me how butt hurt missionaries get.. like yeah someone just slammed their door in our face or we had a great lesson and for some reason they dont want us to come back.. but man... theres lots of other people we are going to visit and you cant be sad for them!! be excited!! i always am encouraging other people to not get so poopy!! we had some lady yell at us to get our car away from the front of her house haha we werent even going to knock on her door and she got so mad..i could not help but laugh..cause she was just so mad..we are searching hard right now and just trying to find the most that we can. thanks for all of the support. its seriously a battle out here. we are Gods army!
cute wiener dog name precious
christmas on pebble beach drive
someone is hungry.. hahaha
christmas in rockport
elder russell and I. There are jelly fish in the water

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