Monday, April 18, 2016

On Melancholy Hill

ah sorry again guys i dont have much time to write. hmm awesome things that happened this week. so last week was elder andersons birthday but we got a cake later in the week. he"s a very timid character and we wanted to mordida him which is when you shove their face in cake.. ha well.. we didnt have time to do it cause we were super busy. so we just dumped it on him when he was in the shower. AH! it was hilarious. hes such a trooper. and that brings me to what we all learned a lot about this week. choosing to have a good attitude. and also i had interviews with my mission president and they went very well. said he's seen my heart change about everything. thats key to my mission. for some reason it was kinda cool to hear that. im going in the direction that our heavenly father has for me. im blessed to be out here in the 90 degree heat. its going to be 120 in a couple months and people die every year from the heat. my comp and i are super pumped and hope we stay here for the summer to experience it. remember guys. choose to be happy. if any of you guys love Gorillaz. awesome! be safe out there. this world is a crazy place. i'll write more next week.
- postin up with the red sun. it looked like something from an 80's karate movie.
- the building on the left is a hotel in texas and on the right is mexico.. with the rio in between.. ha funny how that works out. ive heard stories of people checking in soaking wet. ha.remind me when i get home of this story of a guy getting tossed.

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