Monday, April 4, 2016

Outside The Gates Of Hell

A good hot week.
we were following up with families that we met a few days earlier and passed by this last young adult girl we set a bd with. there was kind of a weird feeling as we approached her. we see her and say hi.. and she was standing at a car window. the first thing we say is hi and then bam she says she is busy.. and we are like oh okay so its not a good time. we will come back later.. as we leave.. we see her deal a big sack of coke right in front of us. people have no chill down here.
as we were leaving the library last week. this guy walks past us and says you elders are in the wrong place. you guys are literally outside the gates of hell here. theres a lot of wickedness here. we turn back and say thats exactly why we are here. cause there is work to be done. that man is right. its almost like one of those things you read in the scriptures of a pueblito that is just bad. we found this family last week the escalante family. went out with hmna gutman and had a super great lesson and even met the husband who is rarely home. he works 28 days at the bottom of mexico and then flies over here for a few days. great family. E. acosta and i were in a trio with E. anderson one day cause his comp was in mcallen for a meeting. that day was pretty great. we found a couple families that seemed pretty interested, they asked for a book of mormon cause they really want to start reading it. how rad. and then randomly we get a call from the hermanas asking us if we can go give this less active member who is sick a blessing. we are like of course so we scoot on over there and meet this guy. we talked to him for a bit to get to know him. he had this wounds, boils, open flesh all over his legs. he said he has them all over and they hurt a ton. like he can barely walk. it looked pretty bad. he has 11 kids and cant work. he explained his life to us before he got sick...yeah he was a narc..he had it all, houses, cars and random buisiness and then approached a guy who owed him lots of money and that guy worshiped the santisimo muerte and "cursed" him and since that day he has been sick and backed off the guy. that was 6 yrs ago. his wife is starting to get the same thing.. just suffering man it looks bad. well we gave him the blessing. it was powerful. el poder was just so great i started sweating a ton. in the blessing it said that he would be healed from his sickness and will return to the way things were before if all he does is follow gods commandments and sigue the way god would want. so clear and so simple. we all get crazy trials in our life cause the lord wants us to grow and he knows we can. at the end we asked him how he felt. he said.. i feel good.. and you know what.,. i might try and go to church.. who knows..
it truly made me sad but it was quite the experience.
on friday we had a good zone meeting. it seriously was the best and literally changed the mission. just really learned the importance of expressing our love and gratitude to everyone just like jesus did. i guess for some reason i was really lacking it. it really set me straight. we saw this video of this single mother who was busy doing everything with her kids and her getting stressed and sad. but in the end realized how much she was blessing her kids lives. and thats how it is now. we can be stressed busy and helping and never see the blessings and the huge help we bring to others. its important to do things willingly as jesus christ did when he suffered for us. the meeting was really impacting but the most impacting part was when the zls played these recordings on the computer. as we are out here on the missions we are blessing so many peoples lives its unreal. so they started playing these recordings and it was recordings of all of our parents bareing their testimony of the blessings theyve seen while we are out here and how we've changed. it was the most spiritual experience ive had so far. like theres no greater animo booster than hearing that. everyone could feel it in their hearts. and then we all one by one got up and bore our testimony and for the first time in my mission i told everyone i loved them. it was strange. but nice. it was super good and i'll never forget it.

its all over laredo.

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