Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Peggy Sue

hola, transfers came and im staying, my new comp is elder ortega.
the mission is the best and im not able to write a whole lot but there are many awesome stories and things that happened this week. its heating up down here and i have a baby pansa, quote of the week is

" como quieres que te oiga si tus hechos no me dejan"

dale gas guys dont give up!!

here are some pics
hmna trevino, she's dope
bike day miracle
apartment checks
this is an abandoned house and at night random people come running from this home into a car that just randomly pulls up. pretty crazy but its Hidalgo for you.
this is me in front of that home
party at a members house as a zone, it was dope!!
half of Hidalgo zone, they are all super dope!!

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