Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rise Above 6/5/17

Rad week!! we are still working with the Elizarraras family and had a great lesson. the father is in a lot of pain from his work like he can barley walk and stand up and we gave him a blessing and honestly it was a miralce and so great to be a part of it. right after the blessing he stood up full of energy and was so happy and said that he could feel his knees tingling and his feet and just felt amazing!! he couldnt believe it and so did his wife. que milagro. we've been working with pedro to send a name to the temple come to find out today is a year since his mother passed away. we were also offered 3 live chickens from a random guy haha. theres been a scripture of lots of help Mormon 5:23 "know ye not?" wow we live in a world where crazy miracles can still happen. idk its just unreal the things that can happen in day. kind of like that blessing or a random phone call of a place we need to go to when our plans failed. which has always been happening, whenever our plans fail, we all of a sudden get a phone call and its someone that needs help in that moment or needs a visit its crazy but so awesome knowing that the lord trusts us. we had an awesome mlc honestly it was a mission changing meeting. we really talked about having a good attitude. when we have a good attitude you have high hopes and having high hopes helps you grow in faith as you act.The greatest Ideas are the simplist. we learned about the law of reaping and sowing. you cant put negative energy in and expect positive results. "You become what you think about" I felt like my eyes have been opened. be Believing. we came across this family who was wanting to leave the church it honestly made us a little sad. as we were talking to them the plan of salvation came to my mind, the pre existance and how we decided to come down and get a body and follow gods plan and here we are now baptized as members of the church enduring to the end and then we brought things into an eternal perspective. the mom was wanting to leave the church and part of living with our families forever it is essential to go to church and read and pray. she was a little shaken but she had a quick change of heart. Our actions and faithfulness here are what we are accountable for, yes there is repentance and forgiveness and its all a process, but most importantly CTR. follow the spirit because i know its telling you something.
another sick moment this week we got a referral to visit this LA and we swung by and they were all outside and we were about to share a lesson and one of the daughters said "wait let me go get jacob" she came back with her boyfriend and immediately jacob says" Hey i know you, you came to my house in San Benito" come to find out jacob just recently moved to mcallen from San Benito. so i came across jacob when elder frandsen and i were looking for his brother who was a former but we ended up talking ot jacob on his way to work. Let me try and put this into perspective this encounter is like me talking to someone in centerville utah and then 5 weeks later coming across them in a random house in Murray utah. Not to mention Jacob and his girlfriend have been wanting to go to a church. God is good. RISE ABOVE!! RISE ABOVE!! RISE ABOVE!!
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