Monday, February 2, 2015


I'm finally here in Chacabuco Argentina. its a very beautiful place. when i was in the mtc i said that i hope to go to the country side in argentina and just ride a bike everywhere. well thats exactly what i got. haha its wayy rad. lots of great people here. there is really poor and also very rich people here. they are all nice though. the coolest thing though to me is that their rock n roll is like stuck in the 80s. its tooooooooo sick. hahaha my comp is elder buccholz from seattle. good guy. hes been here for 14 months. hes a great trainer and this is only his 2nd month being in this area so we are both kinda new in this area. the branch is very small of just about 40 people. sacrament attendance is very low. depending if it is raining or not. for some reason people just dont come to church if its raining. haha everybody here thinks im joking whenever i tell them im from the united states as well whenever i tell them my last name. hahah its kinda funny and a few times people think im from here in argentina. theres a lot of great stories i have to tell but i dont have very much time. one thing i can say is the Siesta is taken very seriously in chacabuco. from 12pm to 5pm the whole town is very quiet it and its because they are all napping. it kinda sucks cause then some grocery stores arent open but we always find one that is. last night we had dinner at an investigators house. we had milanesa. it was amazinggggggggggg. the investigators name is Fatima. shes very nice and loves to bake. so we are always eating cake. ive been chased by many dogs while i ride my back.. and its not just any stray dogs.. its like german shepard or greyhound stray dogs. its really sketchy but my things are slowly getting bigger and bigger from all this bike riding so i can speed past all of the dogs. also here in Chacabuco there is this thing called Chacastunt..... which is basiclly people doing wheelies on their motorcycles across intersections. huge huge groups of kids will do this all night long. its kinda cool to watch but kind of annoying haha. one night elder buccholz and i were sitting in bed talking and all of sudden we see a cock roach on the wall. we jumped up and went to hit it and then it fell off of the wall and we couldnt find it.... sooo we just decided to go to sleep hahah. lots of bugs here. this email is probably very scattered but i hope you guys all understand me. thanks for the support. it means a lot. chao chao. hopefully i can write more next time.
the first picture is of the temple in buenos aires. Chacabuco is about 3hours from the city. 
 the second is a picture of the backyard at the house in chacabuco.
riding bikes to an investigators house 

abandoned building

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