Tuesday, February 17, 2015


this last week was greeaaattt. we played some soccer. sang hymns to everyone we taught... for some reason since ive been out here i have grown to really enjoy singing hahah weird. everytime we sing to investigadores we can always feel the spirit so strongly its great. every week i learn something new. this last week i learned someting very strange but new to me. as elder buccholz and i were riding bikes down a street trying to figure out which houses to go to we passed by a house that was completely black. i was like thats a strange house we should try talking to the people in it. thats when my comp pulled me to the side and said it would be better if we did not. i was like thats strange. come on man lets just try and then elder buccholz told me that the house being colored black was a symbol i was like really of what. he said the people inside are Sana Muerte..... i had no idea what that meant. he then told me that they worship the grim reaper and dark things like that... i thought that was pretty sketch.. and we went on our way. there are a lot of weird dark religions like that here. the thing is to keep working hard and to have faith that everything will be alright cause it will. later on this week i decided it would be a great idea to eat cereal while i do my personal study in the morning. one thing to always remember.. never trust milk that comes in a bag. after i ate the cereal i got this crazy bad stomach ache and it felt like someone was poking my stomache with knifes. i was like ahh itll pass soon. let me just pop some tums and ill be good to go. yeeahhh no. it went on allll day and intot he next i thought i was going to die haha. but i survived hahah. on friday we had a zone conference which was wayyy fun. we watched meet the mormons and ate awesome pizza and empanadas. the best ever. my companion and i have started to find and eat from different panaderias and alfajores are my weakness... ive eaten 2 almost everyday they are soo good. today we found a new investigator when we were in this wine shop buying equipos de mate. we talked to the owner of the shop for a long time and we are going to meet with him and his family in a couple weeks. que chevere. apparently bachata is barely hitting argentina so everywhere we go all i hear is bachata. its amazing. hahah i hope everyone is doing well.
brick oven farm we found

cool cat that was watching us as we knocked on doors.

my favorite pizza everrrrr. jamon con huevos.

p day breakfast of champions

almafuerte is this really popular argentine band. people write their name everywhere here in chacabuco. same with a lot of american bands like slipknot and nirvan haha kinda cool

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