Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lets rock n roll and save some souls

woww this week was a little crazy. i went to a city called Chivilcoy and switched companions for a day. when i was there i realized how important missionary work is. there are a lot of religions here and many people try to bring us down or make fun of us just cause we are wearing white shirts. near the end of my visit there we decided to go visit this investigator that works at a brick oven. soo we started our long trek through campo and hit this dirt road. we were riding our bikes forrrrreverrrr. ahh it sucked and it was sooooo hot. i felt like we were never going to get there... well we ended up not finding the brick oven that he worked at so we turned around. my legs killed and i just wanted to go back to the apartment.. we then had an impression to visit this inactive member that no one has seen in forever cause he is never home. and for once he was home. we were able to talk to him and invite him to church. its up to us to not give up or get discouraged and to keep working hard. everday before we leave my companion and i always say. Lets rock n roll and save some souls. its our go to phrase whenever things are kind of sucky. we just have to keep working hard. this whole week its been soooo hot. and humid and we almost die everyday. but we keep on working hard and Endure To The End. on saturday we had this great idea to buy some chorizo and cook it up for lunch. well while we were eating it with mashed potatoes.. we came to find out that it wasnt fat we were tasting but it was raw meat.. we didnt cook it all the wayy.. it was pretty gross.. and after that we felt sick hahah i still laugh about it haha. but we went out and kept working hard and because of our hard work we were able to find new people to teach haha. we were able to fix our fan we had. the blade broke off of it along time ago so we melted the blade back on. well the fine works.. but it makes a really really loud noise and we can barely talk around it or the alarm clock.. welll in the last night maybe like 1 or 2 am i woke up and there was this loud horrible noise it sounded like something was going to explode.. i get up turn on the light and the fan is coming apart and moving across the room. probably one of the most sketch things that has happend so far.. i hurried and turned off the fan.. soo now we are back sleeping in the heat.. sorry if this email is all scattered its hard to remember everything that has happened in the week. i know a lot of cool things have happened. but they all come to my head randomly haha. thats all for now i love you gusy. keep working hard with whatever youre working with.
- greyhounds of a member there are so many here to be chased by one of these dogs on a bike is the scariest thing ever.. 
 - totally rad car i found lol hahah said drifting on it. thought i would take a pic for my amigos haha 
- esta photo es para mi tia y tio. theres a street named saavedra. que chevere

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