Monday, December 7, 2015

This last week

This last week was super great! it all started with exchanges. I went to rockport and was with Elder Jardine. We had dinner with a family that likes to cook. He cooked up some massive burgers. I can now say that my eyes are as big as my stomach and it makes me very happy. I can now eat for my companion and i. lots of success in rockport, found 2 new investigators in only 2 hours. it was super rad! the next day we went to go have breakfast with a part member family. as soon as elder jardine and i walked in. Carpe Diem Baby by Metallica was playing through out the house.. i was like ohhh yeah this is gonna be a sick breakfast hahah. and it was. we made so much food. the elders in portland came up and ate with us as well it was super good and awesome. elder anderson and i then went to gregory and did lots of work there and found a few people. we even met a pastor and talked to her for a while. ahah it was very interesting. the next day elder anderson and i followed up with someone that he contacted while i was gone and we now are teaching matthew and jessica, two super rad people that have lots of faith in christ already. Matthew plays minor league for the dodgers and yeah they are just great and super accepting to the gospel. we have been trying to meet with sister Collier ever since ive been here. We've been wanting to meet with them cause brother collier is not a member. well finally this night we knocked on there door and they finally were there for once and let us in. just as i walked into the living room i saw a b.c. rich electric guitar, similar to the one that dimebag darrel playe din pantera.. i look at brother collier and he's wearing a pantera t shirt. in my mind im like siccckkkk this guy is already awesome!! haha so we just started talking to them and i brought up pantera and we seriously talked about rock music and guns for a while haha my comp had no idea what was going on haha it was super rad but awesome!! and then we taught the lesson and left was just awesome that i happened to be a big fan and so we had something to talk about. i feel like most of the people i get a long with more and talk to more are all of the pipe fitters and truckers hahah its awesome. we also went and sang to sister lindeman in the assisted living home. it was super great and she was so happy. on our way out someone flagged us down on the road and they ended up being super less actives that want to go back to church. it was a miracle haha it was awesome. Jane and her two daughters. wow so much to say but no time... okay.. what else.. we had a lot of meetings this weekend. we had a zone meeting and then the adult session to our stake conference. haha I learned about the 11th commandment.. thou shalt not get offended. hahah i burst out laughing but the guy who said it was very serious and it is very true.. i think i talked about it in my last email. we have been meeting with people who stop going to church for being offended.. and really... stop being a baby.. put on your shirt and tie or dress and just go to church.. its crazy.. but yeahhh haha my mission president also spoke at the adult session which was super rad cause he told everyone to put the missionaries to work. and just make us work hard haha i was super glad to hear that. the next day was stake conference and at the end of it this sister.. came up to me with elder stanley and she shook my hand and wouldnt let go.. at first i was like what the heck is happening.. let gooo.. my comp and elder stanley were just sitting there watching... she then looked me in the eye and said.. that she could see something.. again in my mind im like uhhhh okayyyyy... and then she said.. that she has a gift and that she can see struggle.. struggle early in life.. and that i wanted to be like my dad. that i looked up to him.. im like oh yeah, hes super rad and i seriously want to be like him. and then she said that i gave up a lot to make my dad proud and all that i ever want is his approval... after that i was like okayy yeah i gotta gooo youre strange hahah. everyone laughed and then we left... and i told my comp like wow man.. that was spooky hahah he was like oh yeah she does that to a lot of missionaries.. ahhh it was just super weird haha. cant believe this is the last week of the transfer hah wow time flies. the weather here is great and gas is like 1.72 haha super great right?!?!?!? oooh also before the adult session of stake conference some guy told us to go into the gym and finish the food. haha i had just eaten a foot long and im like sure yeah we can put down some more food. so my comp and i go into the gym and and start loading our plates. my comp looks at mine and says.. you know we only have like 10 minutes.. i tell him.. watch me eat this all haha. and so i just start chowing down... ohhhh my was that a bad idea hahha. i wasnt even hungry hahah. we sat down for the conference and i just had to puke... i was like oh mannn it tasted so good but is coming out of my mouth now... i closed my eyes.. leaned backk.......... and just said a prayer.. i could not miss this.. my mission president was speaking and i could just not get sick right now... after that... my stomach didnt hurt at all and i felt better.. i was super grateful so i didnt have to miss anything. or ruin any benches from throwing up. prayers really do things and if you have faith in what you pray for, your prayers can be answered.. i cant really explain it the way i want to but i hope you guys understand hah.
christmas crazy

pebble beach is my favorite street haha
church is true! 

can you spot the fox? haha super tame and runs around everyone haha

 big breakfast

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