Friday, January 1, 2016

Transfer 1 - 12/14/15

wow im trying to think back to what happened during this last week and i can barely remember.. last p day we found these two guys names james and andrew. two super cool went to gregory to find some more people there. gregory is about like 7 mintues away from us using the freeway. We found Eva and her husband up there. we usually dont go to gregory that often because we have limited miles that we can use each month. so we did lots of work up there and after we found eva we realized that we will have to come up here more often during the week. I suggested to my comp that we should ride bikes up here. yeah its like kinda far from where we are but its for the salvation of these people. yeahhh he didnt like that haha he said no cause its too far.. haha but one of these days im going to get him to ride up to gregory hahah. im seriously trying to think what even happened the rest of the week... ha. we had a ward christmas party on saturday. there was a huge turn out and lots of good food. it was mexican themed. soo it was good mexican food. once again stuffing our faces. it was super awesome. we find out today if we are being transfered or not. so dont write any letters the the address with moore. just write them to the mission offices because im going down to mccallen next week for the christmas conference. we had a zone meeting on saturday because two hermanas were dying this transfer. i also went up to rockport for exchanges and did lots of great things. contacted a ton of people and got some new people for them. yeahhhh. wow i seriously dont know what to write about.. i hope everyone is doing great! and that they are all excited for christmas. haha remember to always love your family and have faith in christ.
i want everyone to watch this video. we've been sharing it with lots of families.

its a super good video and i hope you all get something out of it. oohhhh also i got my comp to finally sing to people we meet. so we have been doing that a lot lately haha and actually thats what we do when we contact people hahah sing them a hymn. like Grand Eres Tu. its beautiful.

my district. we are all from utah haha how nice.
postin up with T-bone
back in the jungle hah.. jk no just some bushes on the side of the road.. i thought it looked cool haha

elder anderson and i wanted to take christmas pictures to send to people.. but he was being super shy and wouldnt put on his hat cause there were people walking by.. hahah so i just took a picture:)
my zone at the last zone meeting of the transfer. we got zone shirts. they are pretty neat so we had to wear them.
another attempt for christmas pictures.. but it was super cloudy and rainy..
his name is bryson... what a strange person name for a dog.. but hes super nice haha gilbert and stephanie just got them from another member.
spooky crack house brother thompson bought haha. hes gonna fix it up haha 
the view behind the house.

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