Monday, March 28, 2016


got this new investigator a few days ago. hes a super awesome guy he has 3 kids and works in the oil field. his name is gilbert. we talked to him and hes super interested and said he is down to go to church but it might be hard to convince his wife cause she has strong catholic roots. we are like thats fine thats fine you know i bet the best thing is to lead by example and she will come around. he was like that sounds good you guys should try and catch my wife while she is home. a few days later we stopped by and she was there. we started talking and everything was good. asked if she read over the pamphlet and she said yeah just a little bit. kept talking and then she says yeah i was baptized in your church... we were like uhh... what?? wait.. the church up the street? she was like yes my elders were so and so. we are like wait... mormon? shes like yes yes mormon. so then we are like no way!! and talked on how we are going to get her family into the church and she told us why she stopped. and after as we were walking to our bikes this little girl throws a huge rock at my bike and hits it. im like ay!! ( in spanish) whyd you throw that. she says porque no quiero que estas aqui.. we asked why she says porque estan feos.. then her tia (the women we just spoke to) says tu papa es mas feo!! and we all just burst out laughing hahah it was great!
through out the week we had a ton of food.. like meal appointment after meal appointment.. it was kinda fun haha but great. sooo elder acosta and i live with elder herrin and anderson they are the english speaking missionaries and we are spanish. well sometimes we invite them to meal appointments. well anderson is a diabetic of one year so hes still getting the hang of it. well we had this meal appointment with hermana grimsley this little old lady who loves to feed us. well we went over there and we had a back to back meal appointment after so we are all like okay we will just have one plate and not 3. well elder anderson isnt much of a big big eater like us.. so we get there and anderson starts telling the hmna not to put too much cause hes "diabetic" ha! and shes like no its fine im a diabetic also and this meal is perfect for you... so we all get our plates and then. he says well hermana i have to wait at least 3 hours after i take my insulin. and she was like okay well when was the last time you ate.. he says 11:30.. it was 3:30 she counts 1-2-3-4. youre fine and boom drops the plate infront of him. anderson es muy timido. and we have never seen such a look on his face full of fear cause he had to eat it haha it was hilarious. alright so yesterday was pascua
we bore out testimonies in church and then after church we went to go do some contacting before we had a couple carnes to go to. so we went and contacted this door.. and this old man opens it wearing nothing but a diaper... HAHAHA ive never been so ahhh! haha idk it was just kinda funny so we ask him. Have you been enjoying your easter and he says have i what? like ten times.. he couldnt hear us. haha it was a great contact hahah. then later we show up to this carne and theres just a big family grilling everything. they had some good potatoe salad and we smashed cascarones with everyone it was great haha all ganging up on the youngest son of the family and just covering him. we also hit a few piƱatas! the people of laredo are the best!! i love Laredo!! then after that we went to another carne and ended the night there. be wise everyone god loves you and the mission is the best.

chloe the girl who threw the rock!
compa and i with a beautiful sunset before a carne
at the Mackenzie family carne

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