Monday, May 9, 2016

Responsibility Whats That?

Had a super dope week.
so as an apartment we decided we should do our own fhe every week. We also bought a lava lamp to livin up our room haha. we went to LCC a couple times this week. LCC is Laredo Community College, some people call it Last Chance College hahah its super fun. so we went there and had like a booth set up and passed out cards and talked to a bunch of people and got a tonnnn of people to go by. there was a lot of open people. mmm on cinco de mayo we had a pretty awesome zone meeting that always gets us pumped up. we sang I Will Follow Gods Plan as a musical number. for some reason we've listened to that song a ton. we had a super cool day set up and one by one everything kept dropping by the time we left that zone meeting haha like the whole day just thrown out the window hahaha. so after we left we are like alright lets go with the one set thing we have set now so we went to go pass by our investigator Louie and he wasnt home!! ahhh so we talked to his neighbor who was a super interesting guy. said he was catholic and goes to church but had tons of questions for us. the spirit really opened him up. he asked us well more like he just started talking about life after death and just deep stuff but he was not interested in finding any answers. it was weird. Ive really been trying to follow and listen to the promptings of the spirit. its super rad how the spirit works. Later we walked up to this house to contact and they had their family name outside their house by the door and it said Gonzalez. I was like no wayy this is my family. so we knock the door and this lady opens the door. I ask her hey does the gonzalez family live here. she siad yes. I said " No way!! youre my family, we are cousins!" then i opened the screen door and was about to walk in, i was like we are family so we are gonna come in. haha and she just had this funny chuckle and kept looking at us. i was like you dont remember me. my parents said i had family down here i thought id come say hi. the lady was chuckling the whole time and shaking her head no. It was so funny! ahh idk why but it was just soooo funny!! and was like yeah you guys can come back in an hour when my whole family is here.. i just burst out laughing for some reason and then we left and got on our bikes and Birrell had a flat tire. we both burst out laughing hahah how perfect. adn we are far from our plans but it all worked out.

2 timothy3:1-7 latter day inquity.. crazy something we learned in our district conference 1nephi8:28,32 theres a lot of people who are members but have fallen away cause they are ashamed. the youth of today are slowly falling away. Who has the lord called to protect the youth? el mundo esta lleno de lobos. Be good shepherds and take care of your flock.

responsibility. Just do it! and try not to be ashamed!

also the kids in the spanish ward did the whip and the nay nay for their mothers during the dinner we had for mothers day on friday haha.. what is this world coming too haha and all of them cant even speak english hah it was great.
thats all. chao.
us with hmna florez, she hasnt left her house in years and we got her to come to the dinner!!
Birrell and i on a hot day 
robby the lava lamp
i finally made it mom.. college

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