Friday, May 27, 2016


mmmmmmmmmm started this week off with an exchange with Elder Watchorn this dude form minnesota. he skated a lot just like me and loves MXPX so we became instant homies when we met haha. This last week we deep cleaned every apartment. it was pretty gross haha in some elders apartment we found a birds nest haha. on wednesday night we did this bike ride around laredo for Bike awareness. we rode all the way to the bridge that goes across the rio to mexico and met all the people from nuevo laredo. it was super cool. the next day Elder Davis was with us, so we had a car. gracias a dios. we started out at the jimenez family as always and had a super great lesson and at the end she said that she was going to have a friend come over later tonight and she really wanted us to meet her and her husband. Later that night her friend was there and it was super rad. Hmna Jimenez testified super hard and they both accepted to be baptized. We also ate at the Solis's house, ( our branch president) their house literally looks like a museum in the ghetto hah its great. earlier that day we got a referral to pass by this member. Hmna Chacon, she has cancer and she seemed to be doing well. We read 3nefi17:7 and she just burst into tears, it was idk it really hit here and was so spiritual. The lord helps us out so much. then we I stand all amazed and ahh it was the best. the next day near the end of the night i played skate with this kid and lost.. ha:/ shocker.. i cant remember his name but his friends are in a punk band and they were practicing when we got there.. thats just a random cool thing that happened haha. on saturday we had a blitz in San Isidros area, ( the hermanas area) it was super fun but soo hot and humid. we were contacting a door and the first thing the lady said was wow you guys are very sweaty. Yes yes we are mam its hot outside haha. We kept talking and i was explaing to her the book of mormon and she stopped and was like can i get you guys some water.? yes yes of course please haha. and at the end of the contact she asked if she could give me a towel i said yes. it was the most plush white towel ive ever had. Later that night on our way home we rode passed this very old members house who is 90. her door was open and there was a man walking out. we both said ah lets go back. so we go back and the man was her neighbor. She was struggling with her home phone cause she wanted to call her son. So i check her phone and end up fixing it she was so happy! she said that she had been praying to god to send her angels to fix her phone and there we were. then she called her son. Its so awesome. it makes me happy that we are blessing so many people. on sunday Kerry came to church! this super dope guy we met last sunday. we also took hmna Grimsley to meet a less active Hmna Mata and i think we just created the greatest friendship ever with them haha they are best buds! a lot of cool stuff went down this week, we met a ton of people and people are progressing. The obra is the best.
Pros ball with our investigator's and member's kids. my comp has no chill with basketball.
a beautiful cloud i saw one hot day
bike crew
the missionaries getting ready for the ride
on the bridge meeting everyone from mexico
all of the bikes locked up at subway, about 2 zones of bikes haha
his name is Blue, a members pitbulls.
i love animals
best buds
The greatest friendship ever (hmna grimsley y Hmna Mata)

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