Friday, May 6, 2016


Last night we went to go visit this investigator we have. she wasnt home but there was a group of kids standing outside this little apartment complex where our investigator lives. they were like 3-9. the 9 year old asked us if we talk about god. we said yes and then he said you know i really want to know about god. i asked do you go to church. he said no my mom doesnt take us. and then just went off on how much he wants to learn about church and just god. idk why but that just really touched my heart. like when his age i wasnt even thinking about that and i was going to church every sunday. thats the highlight of the week. just the importance of teaching your kids. im super grateful for my parents teaching me good things. something i really remember was praying with my mom everynight when i was a kid. its been the greatest thing for me.

its getting pretty hot down here. like around 100 or more. the wind is like having a blow dryer to your face. its kind of a blessing cause i sweat so much that when we knock on a door some people get scared and worried that im going to die so they let us in and give us water haha. we also met this guy who is part of the Border Skullz M.C. he"s super rad and rides the loudest bike in laredo. we are going to meet with him and his family today. we met a ton of rad people this week that have been wanting baptism in their life. like just today i sat down at the library and this man sat down next to me and asked if we were mormon and then asked for a book of mormon cause when he was younger he heard about it and has been looking for it since then and he heard and about the chest plate joseph smith used to translate the book and it made hims super interested. i was like woahhh how awesome haha. que mas..? we've been singing more and more. we knocked on this door and the lady (in spanish) said guys i dont have time right now im very tired. and we were like well we just want to sing you a short song. and she was like no really guys im very tired i was out with my kids all day. and we were like it'll only be like a minute. you can rest there and we will sing. and then she was like okay fine. we sang to her and after she was like thank you guys so much. you can come tomorrow okay. thank you so much. the himnos are beautiful and really bring the spirit wherever you are. so play them! we went to go visit a former investigator and we got inside and he wasnt home but his dad was and mom. so we talked to them and things were going okay and then it just got like all weird and quite..and then just have a bunch of statues of the virgin mary. and im like man just looking around of something we can talk about to get to know them more. on the fridge was a magnet of KISS. i was like hey weird you get that kiss magnet. the dad was like oh one of my kids got it for me for my birthday. i said"are you a big fan" he looked at me and said yes, yes i am and then BAM!! we just talked about kiss for a little bit haha and really got him to open up. it was awesome. my comp said that when we started talking about kiss that i just got super hyped and was like almost jumping for joy haha.. its not everyday that you meet someone that loves kiss and actually knows and appreciates their creativity. haha randomly while we are walking or biking i hear something small and songs pop into my head all of the time. this week it was southbound by mxpx. i love you guys. ctr and just be good okay. be the person that god wants you to be.

with hermana Grimsley she feeds us every saturday. shes the best and has a million of these hats haha.

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