Saturday, November 12, 2016

Once Upon A Pollo

had a good week, we had a pday activity with mission zone and our mission president. we picked up branches for this one sister and i swear these branches reminded me of the thorny bushes from sleeping beauty we all got poked. i got wayyy sick this week i literlly thought i was going to die i had a way bad head cold.. one morning i woke up just coughing and coughing..and i was on my way to play basketball with the zls and i just coughed and coughed and wouldnt stop man it hurt so bad.. i was on the verge of throwing up i seriously thougth in my mind that i would feel better if i just puked all the yuck out.. well we started to play basketball and i played while dieing and then my cough went away... wow miracle.. idk it was crazy haha i dont know how to type anymore sorry for the typos... every week there seems to be a theme for lessons or people we talk to. sometimes it could be prayer and we teach lots of people how to pray or one time it was aliens, i swear everywhere we went there was something to do with aliens or demonic things. well this week it was marriage. we are trying to set up a wedding for some of our investigators. and other people we visited kept telling us about their marriage and we'd share things to help strengthen them. its so weird but awesome. my time spent with barnett ive learned lots of humility and just being charitable.. i remember one time i was in laredo and it took me a good 2 minutes for me to tell my zone that i loved them.. well one day i come out of the bathroom and we find out something is broken that barnett took out.. and i was like brooooooo thats all we got and idk i just blew up a little bit, he didnt think much of it. and after i was like wow.. i was so something inside me hurt..i was like alright i gotta tell him that im sorry.. so we sat down and i was like mijo i gotta tell you something, he said whats up...
and we sat there for 5 minutes..i kept trying to say that i was sorry and i honestly dont know why but i whats wrong with me i cant apologize for me being rude..why cant i just say im sorry..the words literally could not come out of my mouth...and then finally i just stopped trying to say the words.. i looked at him and then finally.. i could say .. dude im sorry for being so mean..i'll probably never forget that moment..transfers is next week and this has honestly been the best. you can never have enough charity. idk the mission is great and you really gotta take advantage out here of all we have. andale!! out in the vineyard bustin a sweat and i love it. we walked up to this big house real close to where we live.. knocked the door and this lady opened and we were all like hey:) and then immedietly she said.. oh noo.. no i cant.. and shut the door.. it was great. haha. i think thats all just keep enduring guys. i miss you all a lot. be happy:)
mijo with his shrek tie we found
picking up branches
old chapel near our house.
Mercedes heights
Mercedes Heights
courtyard of Mercedes Heights
saw my old compa this week!!
mijo fell again
a possum got to our extra tacos we had:/

ay write me a letter por fa. gracias :)

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