Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Don't Want To Live On The Moon

first things first.. youre unique in your own way. dont worry.
idk why but this has been just a little quote thats been in my head.
we were having troubles with marisol and her actually having desires she says she has.. ahhh she is so close to everything.. her son Rod really wants to get baptized as well ahh.. man they are both so close.. we've been going around offering to bless peoples house, as a way to get into them. and the thing behind that is we contact somone and offer to bless their house.. we go inside bring the spirit super strong and then leave... well it amazes me at how many people that dont want their house blessed..we are teaching quite a few people that are so close to church, ahh everything is there. we were visiting Rene the guyt that had a strong a while ago that cant read or write we brought up baptisms for the dead and he started to cry cause he said that his father was a really bad guy and wants him to be saved.. he wants to know if these things are true. we invited him to pray .... we came back later in the week y nada... he didnt pray. made me a little triste cause thats holding him back.. is just a prayer. later on.. we were out and found a new investigator named Fatima, well she referred us to her neighbor who is part of her family.. and we go next door and the neighbor is outside so we start talking to him in spanish.. i explain to him that we are representatives of jesus christ and that we have a message of restored truth and then the guy shot back.. literally i swear.."Are you really with christ? i said Si. "are you sure?" and this is all in spanish and i said yes i am very sure. :"do you really walk with Him?" i said yes we do and we know that he lives. the whole time this is going on im thiking what on earth is this guy doing..? well this guy just wanted to battle so we just testified and left.. but it made me realize that someone, somewhere will take a jab at you like this guy did and question and shake what you know is true. dont be fooled. stand strong and dont let the winds of the adversary blow you over. it was a good week, i buzzed mijos head. i gave my fist baptismal interview to this guy Juan, he's a stud!! yesterday i celebrated my birthday with elder shipley! it was dope. i ate a lot. the work is great and i love everything! today is a celestial p day so we'll see how that goes. thanks guys for everything.

La Estancia

us with Ethan.

Mercedes baby!!

Pollito is the best!

found this lazy boy and its now in our apartment.

trap house

Heh Heh

trunk or treat!

food coma

i just couldnt take anymore food..

Sister Frankie ( 2Canes)
shes the one that sang Silver And Gold

bday bash

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