Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In The Year 2525

well first off, im being transferred out of Mercedes.. que triste.. leaving mijo behind but it'll be good. so this week was great!
so about a week ago. we were at the library doing 12 week and i noticed this kid kept looking at us.. and watching what we were doing.. we then went to sit at a table and shortly he then came over and sat at the table wiht us.. we were planning while we were there and i noticed the kid was reading a magazine.. i ask him, hey do you like to read.. he says yes.. then i tell him. i have a book for you to read, its free and it will change your life, its the best ever and then i gave him the book of mormon. we gave him our number and thats it.. we then leave.. come to this week now. we see him again I was like yoooo did you read the book, he said yes all the way to chapter 6 in 1nephi, sick!! we invited him to read more that night and pray about it and then call us.. he doesnt have a phone but said he would find a way. 90% of the people we give our number to never call us when they say they will.... but later taht night we got a call from an unknown # it was him!! he read to chapter 15 and felt something in his heart, we told him that, that was the spirit and then we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! we saw him the next day and he read all the way into 2nephi!! ORALE!! how sick?!?!? it was awesome!! also we've been working with a menos activo for a while since i got here and he has never come to church once,, well we had a good talk with him and he told us he couldnt come to church cause he needs a new front tire on his car.. we are like..pos we'll find one.. dont worry about it.. later that day we called some members and someone had 2 just the right size for his car. brought them over the next day and the member was honestly shocked..buy grateful.. he came to church this week! it was great!! well time is moving on and things are great!!
dog with dreads.. haha
walked in on mijo trying to polish the chair..
brother hulet

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