Friday, February 10, 2017

Slippin 2/6/17

monday night we stuffed ourselves at this sick bbq place called sammey's and later went contacting.. as we are walking down the street and it dark we see this guy sitting in his front room watching tv, we walked passed and then we stopped saying what are we doing, thats a child of god that needs to hear the truth. so we walk back to knock on the door mid walk to the door, the blinds are up and we watch him hit a 2 foot tall bong, we literally were speechless and honestly couldnt help but laugh, it was so unexpected to see. we knocked on the door and got rejected super hard haha it was good though.

a great quote i came across this week.

Elder Richard G Scott
Inner peace is restored through facing our problems and repenting "A tranquil conscience invites freedom from anguish, sorrow, guilt, shame, and self condemnation" "It provides a foundation for happiness"

right now i just really want to talk about the importance of a firm foundation in a family. whats the thing a family can have a firm foundation in that brings happiness.. Jesus Christ and his gospel. can simple things involving His gospel make a dramatic change in your family. Yes. one thing is family prayer that can make a great change, and your example to your children. as you lead by example having a great relationship with our heavenly father, your children will follow you cause you will be able to help them understand. we came across this man who had a daughter who had a drug addiction and was in an abusive relationship.. and was a little sad that she was going through it. yes everyone has their agency but we asked him well how do you feel like your example was when she was growing up.. he said that he would do lots of drugs and cheat on his wife and his kids hated him. and then we said well why would you think that your daughter wouldnt do drugs when she sees you doing it and thinks its okay. if you want a great future for your children its going to start from you. almost all of his children got into drinking and doing drugs and he had no idea how or all starts in the home. being the example for your children and just doing whats right cause God asks that of you. ive seen the importance of that these last few transfers. as you have family prayer daily and strengthen your relationship with heavenly father your children will see a greater meaning to this life and just be more happy. ive said it before but im forever grateful for my parents example they set for me, even though maybe i didnt want to go along with it or i dragged my feet to family prayer if it wasnt for their example i wouldnt be here. I love them so much more than they know and i hope all of you that have kids will remember that, if they are old or young they still look at you as an example. do whats right. just do whats right. pray and ask heavenly father for forgiveness and change today.

we had MLC this week and i spent the whole time with my son elder barnett. MLC was good, president didnt have any videos or presentation. he read from his mission journal and had the spirit teach us. I learned a lot. that im not fully giving myself to the lord. so i came home and explained all i could to my compa and prayed..for the first time i felt that i have fully overcome some problems that i came out wiht. In every prayer I just want to give everything to Him. how it was explained to me was. the most common word a child uses is Mama or Papa, well our parents arent here so who do you depend on? not your parents but heavenly father. just do whats right. a lot of times you see pride get in the way of things. I remember people making fun of those squares for standing up for whats right or them being the only ones not wanting to participate cause it wasnt right.. makes me think of this song called zapatistas dont give up by anti flag, now im the square, the nephi trying to do whats right and help those around me. youre probably thinking oh my gosh has he not been doing whats right this whole i have just not as much as i should have. since this change we've been having crazy good visits and almost every referral or door we contact the person is receptive, im so grateful for the blessings heavenly father has been giving us..there are many events and specially people we've met. have a rad week and just do whats right. transfers are today so i'll find out whats up later. im gonna go to corpus now and play beach volleyball.
German restaurant playing german pop music
for my boy Doc, i miss you man. much love
rain or shine, we make things happen.
found this gem in a members house.
oh yeah!!

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