Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mix The Chemicals Right - 2/14/17

pretty solid week, we found a family of 8. we've been with them everyday and they came to church and planning on baptism!! they are amazing, found a member that just moved from alaska and was looking for the church and she lives with her family and she's the only member, oh my goodness and she lives right by a bunch of families we are teaching, what a miracle. idk this week was probably the most spirit filled weeks so far and we are just working on having better unity and teaching with more love. theres been a significant change and i know that the lord is merciful and as we give him our heart he will guide us more, more than we know. oh my gosh guys. we also helped a LA of over 50 years that is starting to come back, well we helped clean his yard and then he helped us go out and mow some investigators lawns and he ended up talking to everyone!! andale!!! lets go !!! we went to this members house and were visiting with her and her very baptist mother who in the past has been very rude, well we were talking and we offered her a book of mormon and she said she would love to have one and that we would start to pass by and read it with her and she is excited!! oh my!! milagro i feel like im going to explode!! i'm truly coming to find out why and just everything about listening with your heart. im so grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission. i strongly advise everyone that is able to go, to go on one. my papi elder alex anderson went home.. que triste. things are changing in the mission and elder messinger and i are alllll the way up in beeville and we are never really around a lot of people,we are like cavemen from the mission, there is honestly a reason for everything and we are grateful. we got to go to corpus last week with corpus zone and hangout on the beach, it was alright. man idk what else to say other than im reading lots and doing all i can to really be there for others. Con Amor.

Corpus beach:/
kinda cool
trying to enjoy the beach... lol
the Lexington
still trying to enjoy the water
el diablo
so sick!!
my comp thought itd be cool to eat a loaf of bread a day... yeah it stopped after the 3rd day.. lol
found a cradle so we took a pic
bike day, everyday
so cute
just a little sick..
playing baseball with the Cervantes family. the fam of 8, someone had to get the home runs..

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