Friday, February 10, 2017

The Prayer Position 1/30/17

had a pretty good eventful week.
tuesday was a packed day and then near the end of the day everything fell through, we hadnt found anyone allll day, it was like 7:30 and dark and we said wow we need to find someone, well as we were riding this random kid pulled up and was riding his bike next to us, we started talking and pulled over and found out his best friend died the day before and its been pretty hard for him. well we taught a short lesson and set up another time to visit. que loco, like wow..just amazing, theres really nothing more to say about it. we've been going ham with proverbs 26:11 "dog vomit" it reminds me of a poster i have at home that says wallace and vomit and its a picture of wallace and gromit but gromit is puking everywhere lol. we met this woman named Cecilia a mexicana who only speaks spanish, what a milagro!! someone who speaks spanish. it honestly makes me so happy to hear someone speak, its rare up here in beeville. this one day we did some genealogy then some more studies and then we were out into the streets, on our way to our first cita, i slow down at this stop sign cause there are cars passing and messinger doesnt realize it and slams on his brakes pretty late and this lady in a suburban stops and lets us cross. so we cross and i cross the next street and my compa cuts through a car wash and that suburban is right behind and honks @ him, im thinking this lady is going to kill my comp, so i cross the next street and my comp follows and then that lady is right behind him, finally my comp stops and the lady starts talking to him, i then pull up come to find out she was on her way to the liquor store and felt prompted to talk to us, she has been trying to stop drinking and is looking for help and she had been praying to stop drinking and is looking for help and she had been praying in the morning asking god to send someone and help her and thats when she saw us. we told her to take a b.o.m. and we'd be at her house in an hour with a member and and the sisters. we all went over and had a bomb lesson it was awesome!! we've had the opportunity to take lots of alcohol and cigarettes away from people and it feels great that they are willing to make those changes in their life to be more in line with Gods commandments. we were at this guys house and he had a pack of cigarettes in his front pocket, and i asked hey do you smoke? "yes i do" me:why? "well to calm my nerves" us: well theres other things you can use, let us have those and we'll throw them away. " i just bought them, i'll stop after i smoke this pack" us: why not just quit now. we were going back and forth for a bit and finally we were like alright man we gotta go and then he quickly said "alright hurry take them, get rid of them" Andale hermano!! then he said a prayer and made a promise with god to never smoke again, so sweet!! and came to church!! ahh! sooo another milagro, on wednesday were told this sister in our ward was in the hospital, she is pretty elderly but so friendly, everyone knows her. well we are told that she is in the hospital cause she had a heart attack the night before and was found in the morning with foam at the mouth. they take her to the hospital and she is in a coma and so her kids all get together and decide to pull the plug cause she just wasnt going to make it, hours later she is slowly responding and the next day she is awake and talking, her kids thought she was gone and the doctors said the same but she came back!! and yesterday she was able to take the was unreal but the whole ward helped out with prayers and a blessing. on saturday i went to the temple and the Muhammads were sealed!! i saw my papi elder Anderson he goes home in a week and a half.. also it happened to be the same day the branches in Laredo were going to the temple so i got to see a lot of old faces... seeing the muhammads be sealed honestly was amazing. i cant even describe pretty much anything this week, it was just so sick! also had to sneak by in n out on the way home and brought some for my compa, he almost cried.

the ward is really starting to get going, reactivation!! since it was the 5th sunday we were all together in the last hour and all of a sudden i felt super fired up and lit to read proverbs 26:11, theres nothing that bothers me more than talk of great changes and action but when the next day comes, people go back into their old ways and do NOTHING!!!!!!, "Hell is paved with good intentions" - Samuel Johnson. so i stood up and read it and idk i felt like my body was going to explode ive never been so pushed in my life. well i read it and it shot everyone back into their rocker, they all literally spackled their pants, then my compa stands up and shares some things and lights them all on fire. immediately a plan was put into action. correcting with love is something ive learned a lot about this week. its going to be awesome!!:D idk why but i was looking at some pictures from my first transfer.... i was such a scrub, im truly sorry and want to apologize to who ever was around me before the mission. so yeahhh things are good, dont be afraid to send a letter once and a while or any deep doctrine books, on p-days i just read books and enjoy nature. now p day starts at 8am and we only keep track of 5 key indicators, baptisms and confirmations, people at church, baptismal dates and new investigators. have a sick week!! John 13:17 "happy are ye"
lol these dogs drove to the post office
amish mafia
the cabellos from Laredo
San Antonio
my man Gordon Muhammad
yeah buddy i didnt have 2 of these.
el distrito! as we were standing out on this road it was getting dark and you could hear the foxes howl.. pretty spooky
woop woop
big shout out to Brother Love from mi barrio in centerville!!

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