Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

so we had a ton of chicken that we tried to cook.. failed horribly so we decided to knock doors in our apartments to find someone to cook it for us and we did! this lady upstairs cooked our chicken and it was the best..so my compa and i are trying to eat healthier.. and so we tried this crazy thing where you dont eat bread and noodles and stuff like that.. and wow .. yea i lost 10lbs in a week.. scary right..so now im just pounding on meats, fruits and vegetables 24/7 im eating all the time its so fun! we were contacting last night about 5 so the sun was going down.. and we decided to hit up this trailer park near by. so we are riding through and there are cats and dogs in cages everywhere.. well as we were riding we see these 2 pitbulls, just start booking it towards us..and i notice a little too late that there are no leashes on them.. wow.. que awesome so we start biking as fast as we can but they catch up.. then theres another one and they are surrounding me cause im in front.. i start kicking them as hard as i can, they are just going crazy for my legs and bike.. i kept hitting them in the face with my loafers and the side of the head and nothing. it is doing nothing to them im like wow this might be the day i get bit and kill a dog. i just kept going as fast as i can but its not fast enough and kept kicking ahh just freaking out and then finally they stop and go back... i keep going and look back and my compa is gone.. im like wow.. great.. he's getting eaten alive probably.. haha jk i see him at the other end of the trial far from the dogs, i yell for him to come over and he said no.. but then i yelled again to go as fast as he can.. and so he goes as fast as he can haha it was hilarious. haha

we scuba dived with our mission president into some deep doctrine. Our service to God is everything. I came out of there with a whole new everything in mind. Abraham 3:25 is just wow.. so good. you know once you know whats right, its important to always do it. its like a kid knowing that his parents dont want him outside with shoes.. well the first time he did they got after him and said hey dude.. you gotta have shoes... he does it again.. and they are like yoooo dude.. you gotta have shoes or no desert after dinner. im not gonna tell you again.. and so know the kid knows that there is a reward for wearing his shoes outside and will obey.. but say he's a good kid and obedient and always wears his shoes.. and always gets desert after dinner..and then comes a time he decides to just be lazy , rebellious, ignorant and just not give a crap..and doesnt wear his shows.. his parents say alright man.. you know the consequence.. no desert after dinner.. and he says alright.. so dinner comes and no desert. the next day.. he does it again.. he knows whats right and what to do.. but doesnt.. so again the parents say alright man again no desert.. dinner comes around and all his siblings get a super delicious cinnamon roll.. and he just sits there and cries cause he isnt allowed to have it. and the parents say well you know the rules and the consequences and rewards. the next day. same thing he doesnt wear his shoes.. he's just giving up on even trying at all and everyday after dinner he cries.. and cries.. those around him get it but for some reason he is choosing to not obey.. we may not always know our reward.. but we know whats right. we all have our agency. a few nights ago i got to crush a meth pipe. I met a man named Jimmy that had a stroke and is now in a wheel chair said he was a pretty wicked man before the stroke and was into a lot of bad stuff. we are going to start teaching him. theres another thing that was said to me that really made me put things into perspective.. soo say you have a missionary.. alright so we get a descent amount of money on our cards each month. well say the missionary has been using his card all month and its near the end and he usually doesnt have a lot near the end but he decides to go to a nice restaurant. says to himself that he'll just get something small and in his budget. well he is sitting there looking at the menu and sees all these great things.. oh man.. a steak, corn bread, mmm some jalapeno poppers, and the waiter comes by and he tells them that he wants the 24 oz steak with mashed potatoes and corn bread, a side of gumbo and a huge pitcher of Big Red, also every desert they have and a shake.. and man does this missionary enjoy the food. he has the best time. well while he is enjoying everything... the waiter comes back.. with the bill... the missionary sees it and.. honestly.. has no money for it.. that missionary had his agency to get what he wanted. some times i feel like a pitbull explaining things. but one of these days you could be receiving your bill. see all things as a learning opportunity and really just make things right with the Lord. the mission is a blast!!

Skin head trying to mow at night..
an Oldie with the loafers
Christmas mop
Las Abejas Del Norte
Rainy days
Ate at this place called Shorties
Sunday morning surprise!

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