Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Alien 8 5/29/17

so we are working with Francisco, ( Pedro's father in law) we had a visit with him last monday and we said to each other im not sure if he is fully understanding the lessons.. and then we went over and he told us how he has spent all day watching lds videos and told us all about joseph smith we look at eachother and almost wanted to start laughing cause it was just an unreal miracle hahaha.
we also had a super good zone conference there were some key points were having a positive attitude, doing things the lords way and not your own, and trusting in the lord its his battle. just be believing!!!! the lord provides!! had a sweet exchange with elder Hernandez he is a convert of 2yrs and is from Vegas. so last week i shared about a guy who's car broke down in the church parking lot, well yeah we had a church tour with him and it went super great!! haha got em. we were later in this place called Old plantation its a giant gated community and this guy just started talking to us, well we had a return appointment with him so we met him in the golf clubhouse and while we were talking ot him this woman asked ,"are you guys elders?" well yes we are. "im a member and i knew you guys were elders" we got her info and later visited them and set a bd with her son chris! there have been quite a few great miracles. all i really gotta say is just smell the roses and enjoy life. study the doctrine and pray about it. God lives and he truly does listen to you. the only one that teaches you not to pray is el diablo. so do it. 🐨😁

The Border
One of few cool things in Hidalgo, the Pump House
Hernandez and I
for my dad.

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