Friday, January 16, 2015

How Soon Is Now

a lot of cool stuff happened this week. Monday District A left in the morning to Argentina. So on sunday night we had a little devotional as a zone and said our goodbyes and everyone bore their testimonies and just remembered fun times we had here at the mtc. We all became such good friends it was hard to see them leave. I mean we've only known each other for 4 weeks but it felt like we had been friends for years. Elder Keith and I had a great lesson with Jorge. One of our hardest investigators. The lesson went really well and he is starting to really understand the gospel. It was actually way cool because the lesson we had with him the time before he told us to leave in the middle of our lesson because he just wasnt getting it. Our other investigator Oscar finally got sundays off so he can attend church with his family. that was really cool. Just to see that he is willing to change something in his life. Tuesday The devotional we had on Tuesday was the last one for the MTC presidency cause they are being released. my companion Elder Keith was asked to give the opening prayer. It didn't seem too bad. we would just sit up on the stand with whoever was going to speak that night. Well when we were doing service in the kitchen in the morning one of the MTC workers came up to us and said that he just found out that there is an apostle and a few from the seventy here. At first we were thinking why would they be here but then it clicked......... The devotional tonight. My companion got pretty nervous. Russell M Nelson was coming to speak and there would be 8 from the quorum of the seventy. When we got to the devotional we found out we weren't going to be sitting on the stage but we would be right next to it. My companion was soooooo nervous. Praying in front of 2100 missionaries and a General Authority. How Exciting!! It was probably the coolest thing ever. Russell M Nelson spoke at the Christmas devotional but it was still cool to hear him talk again. Wednesday My zone got to host for the new missionaries. It was pretty exciting to see all of their nervous faces.. haha I only helped one missionary. Elder Fisher from California going to Berlin Germany. He's the first one in his family going on a mission and he played the saxophone for 5 years. pretty rad guy. After that my companion and i took hot chocolate to all of the mtc workers outside. later the new president for the Columbia MTC came and spoke to us in my class as a district. it was pretty neat. Thursday For some reason my FBI background for my visa isnt going through fast enough. well not just mine but the people going to argentina. so i got to leave MTC campus and go to the BYU police station. a little adventure. hopefully it goes through quick because i am leaving in 10 days. which reminds me. If you are going to be sending anything to me through the mail. Wednesday is the last day you can send me anything or else i wont be getting it for a long time. Later that day Elder Keith and I had our final lesson with Jorge. It was one of the best lessons we have ever had. We are supposed to try and keep the lesson around 40 minutes but this one was 80 minutes. That was the first time in a lesson i felt the spirit so strong. He told us that he saw a big change in us from the first time that we taught him. We could also see the change in him. It was a great experience and im sure i'll have it a lot more when i get to argentina. Things keep getting better and better as time goes on. I'm excited to go out to Argentina. It's crazy to see how fast time has flown by since I got here. I hope things are going great with all of you!

 - Elder Keith and I with Jorge

- Sunday temple walk. Last picture with the Elders of District A.
- I was sitting eating dinner when I saw a familiar face. I jumped up and have never been so happy to see someone from my home ward. Eli Phillips. I've known him since i moved to the briarwood ward. we got to catch up for a bit. He left to Arkansas on Tuesday.
-Elder Keith is pretty funny if any of you guys have seen the move Mystery Men. Elder Keith can talk just like the Spleen. It makes me cry every time he does. He was talking just like him i took this picture.

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