Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lets Change Lives Today.

Awesome awesome awesome awesome.
I love you guys.
God loves you guys.
Lets change lives today :D

not a lot of crazy things happened this week... my comp and I had 3 investigators in one day.. thats kind of a lot for newbies like us. we were also able to teach the WHOLE restoration in 25 mintues and the investigator understood everything. it was soo awesome and we even got him to pray at the end. at first he said no. but i was like "do you pray with your wife" he said yes. and then i was like sooooooo could you give the closing prayer.. he then said yes ahh it was soo rad. and he did good. its crazy to see how people have change the more and more we teach them. its soo sick!
 it was pretty rad and we taught very well and all in spanish. we are going to do this week long english fast. soo we are only going to be talking in spanish for a week straight. i think it should be good. everyone in my district has pretty good spanish. we are going to start it tonight. it hit about 6 degrees here one afternoon.. its been soo cold here and our rooms are wayyy cold. its nice. we didnt get to go to the temple today cause its still closed. so my compaƱeros and i just hungout in our room and wrote letters all day and took a very long nap. probably the best nap of my life so far.
earlier this week. on monday Elder Sandall sprained his ankle playing volleyball. it was pretty gross and swollen.. and it still is but its slowly getting better. i'll include a picture hahah.
this tuesday we had a music devotional. we were sitting in the gym singing songs before the devotional started... and then someone walked onto the stage.. david archuleta....
the crowd went crazyyyyyyyyyyyy. the sisters were just screaming and yelling.. It was like girls at an Nsync concert hahahaha. it was crazy. he sang the whole hour and then he wanted the whole crowd to sing the last verse of one song with him and i swear everyone thought they were like on american idol or something haha everyone was just singing their hearts out and it was kinda funny but pretty cool hahah. that was probably the most exciting thing that happened this week hahah.
other than that not much happened this week. The Russia and Ukraine missionaries leave on monday. they were the rooms next to mine. ohhhhhh also we met with a member of the church Hermano Rascon and taught him a lesson about how prayer and the gospel blesses families. after our lesson we went off about his family and where they came from... well comes to find out.. one of his great uncles fought with Pancho Villa and his Great Grandmother has an autographed picture with Pancho. haha keep in mind the member that we taught is about 70ish years old. haha i thought it was kinda cool. cause when Pancho was fighting and all a bunch of mexicans ran over the border and settled in El paso. thats where Hermano Rascon was from. weird fact of that day hahah he was a good guy and enjoyed our lesson. i'll be sending pictures in a little while. hope everyone is doing great and bundling up this cold January
a picture of my zone. they are all way rad.

a picture of my comp and Hermana Martinez. The funniest sister in our zone hahah she always makes us laugh. shes from Texas.
Elder Sandall's nasty foot haha

Christmas day
temple walk

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