Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Strange Day

another fun fun week here at the MTC. its the last one.
Last saturday our investigator Oscar agreed to be baptized... ahhh it was soo cool and the best feeling ever when he said yes. after that lesson elder keith and I were talking about Oscar and its so rad to see how much he's changed since the first time we taught him. at first he was only doing it for his wife but now he is doing it for him. On tuesday M. Russell Ballard came and spoke at our devotional. how lucky are we so cool! to be honest this past week has been a big blur. All of these goodbye stuff because my district is leaving on monday. we got new missionaries in our zone on wednesday i've only seen them a few times but they are all good people and very nice. Thursday we had an in field orientation. probably the most boring that had to live through but I learned a few things and it should really help me out in the field. I went to the temple this morning that was great as well. Our final temple session as a zone. no tears were shed but im sure they will when we sing Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos. Everytime a district is leaving they have to sing a musical number and we chose as a district to sing that one.
this MTC experience has been a great one and filled with lots of blessings. This past Tuesday, M. Russell Ballard came to speak to us for the Devotional and it was amazing! We have had two apostles come and speak to us on three different occasions! Not to mention the numerous Seventies that came to speak to us, and that one guy who lost American Idol...what's his name?....David Archuletta or something? Yeah, we've been pretty lucky! Now all that there is left to do is pack my bags and get ready for my long flight on monday. When i get to Argentina on tuesday its going to be a strange day but also a fun one. I'm sure going to miss my companero Elder Keith and all of our random moments when we break out into song.and all of the bomb lessons we had together. He leaves at 3:30am on monday.. hahah lucky him.
I hope everyone has been doing well and loving life and all the great things god has given us:)
p.s. no pictures this week sorry...

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