Monday, February 22, 2016


Started off the week with an exchange with my district leader Elder young. it was super good their area feels like a whole different country haha everywhere is so ghetto and so close to the border. it pretty much is mexico. no one speaks english. it was great. we went by this house to see if a member still lived there and there were 2 chickens in the front yard in separate cages.. i look at elder young. and was like hey.. do you know what those are. he said no. it was pretty obvious they were fighting chickens. haha we knock on the door and the lady that lives there is not the member haha. and elder young is like hey i love your chickens.., are they by chance fighting chickens... haha the lady hesitated... and said.. ummm uhh.. yes.. haha but uhhh uhh in mexico not here.. hahah yeah she wasnt interested in the gospel cause she was in a rush out the door all of a sudden haha. it was kinda funny. but elder young didnt know it was illegal hahaha so funny. its been pretty warm the past week. but not too bad. one night while i was with E. young we were riding back home and this dog up ahead is just barking and barking so loud. as we ride past the fence. the dog runs through the bars and starts chasing us hahah we were like what the heck.. ahhh ride ride ride!! haha
E. young slows down and gets a couple good kicks to the dog and then it runs off. hahh it was pretty intense cause it was a big dog. gosh it was a good exchange. i got back with my comp and we were riding to an appointment and his bike starts having some problems.. so we swing by the bike shop real quick cause we had time and then they ended up keeping his bike so we were on foot now. so we have been walking everywhere since then. on friday we got a call in the morning from our zls saying that there is a meeting in mcallen that we need to be at the next day at 8:30am and we need to find a ride to it. so we started calling everyone in our branch. no luck there and so we started callling people from other branches and still no luck. hours go by and we still didnt have anyone. as im looking through the contacts i see this one name and both of us dont know who he is so we call him. and he says we are so lucking to have just called cause he was about to go into work and he never takes his phone with him. he says he gets off at midnight and will come pick us up at 5am. Brother Huskey is the man!! he pulled through and swooped us a ride. milagros! haha its a 3 hour drive to mcallen from laredo. we were so grateful. so the next day we go to mcallen to listen to elder corbridge give a talk. hes the guy who wrote the 4th missionary if any of you guys have read it. if not go read it, its super good. well we went to listen to him. the whole mission did. i took a couple of ties for elder russel and sanchez from rockport. we went and listened to him and it was super good haha it was only supposed to be an hour but he went over 40 minutes. it was so good we all wished that he had kept talking. it was super good to see everyone. when i saw elder russell and sanchez idk why but i felt like maybe i should give them different ties later... idk why but yeah i just didnt give it to them. later that night when we were back in laredo we were in the library trying to make a map of our area. and this homeless guy comes up to us and starts talking to us telling us where we can get a map. come to find out hes been a member his whole life and just hasnt been to church in a long time cause hes homeless.. so i gave him my ties that i had carried. he was so happy when he saw them. it was super awesome. we got his number. and on sunday he didnt come... but it was still a good experience. last night we had dinner with the family Gutman they are from mexico. we had posole and i accidently dipped my Izod tie in it how sad.. well the gutmans invited their cuban non member friends over. and we had the best lesson ever. they are so accepting and we are going to start teaching them. their names are renae y ilda. they are so rad! this last week was a blur for sure. everything is good though and my comp and i are going for 3 baptisms this week. the mission really needs it. its gonna be a week of milagros. i love you all. be safe out there. and be strong. the lord loves you. and so do i. Alma 38:9 there is no other way. be good.
this is our washer.. haha theres only two options hahahaha.. i cried when i saw this hahahah.
the chickens haha 
this pic is for my papi. i found this gem in casa blanca the other day. 
lent special anyone..?

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