Tuesday, February 16, 2016


last week was pretty fun. there was this training meeting in Mcallen for 3 days so elder acosta and i were in a trio with elder anderson (different than my last comp). we biked super hard. and on monday we found a family of 5 that are down for baptism. they are super great the dads name is Hilberto and he is super quiet haha its kinda funny cause his wife is super loud and just out there haha. we are only speaking spanish to eachother forever. its pretty fun. that monday night we rode up to the top of our area to have visit elder anderson's investigator. it took us like a half hour to ride up. we get there and she isnt even there... ahhhh!! the next day we ate with this japanese member... and if you thought tex mex was at times confusing. try tex-jap-mex. it was so weird. tackingchowfreakingbueno. ahha she was great. that night elder anderson and i taught his investigator israel. while my comp was at coordination. he is a super cool dude and is going to get baptized in a couple weeks. while we were teaching him. he said he had questions but couldnt think of them at the moment. and then he said tghat he isnt sure if god is in his life. we kept talking to him and told him how he can start practicing his faith. i asked him to pray and ask god about the things we talked about. he prayed. it was really good and the spirit was so strong in the room. after the prayer i asked him how do you feel..? he couldnt explain how he felt but it was good. and that all his worries went away. i looked at him and said. thats the spirit. it was truly amazing. on friday the rama had a dinner for valenties day. a half hour before we went to the party elder acosta and i were walking near by the church and this guy told us he needed some help putting some things in his truck so we go over and help him out and tell him that we are having a free dinner and that he is invited. and guess what.... he came!! haha hes a great guy. the dinner made me super trunky cause while we were all sitting there eating they were playing latin music.. elder Gallegos and i just look at eachother in pain cause we just wanted to get up and dance hahahah. the mission is so great. like why wouldnt you want to be an active member in the church. the change the mission has on everyone is so cool. the lord wants you to be the best that you can. dont fight the change. trust in the lords plan. on saturday we were at the library getting a list of the members. oh man that felt good to finally get a list. well when we were leaving there was this man that stopped us and said hey! tell me your beliefs i want to know. so we stopped and talked for a while about everything. he was super interested. while we were talking to him this hobo walks behind him and says "hey do i have to be a witness to get a bike?" we are like "oh we are mormons. he says oh man god doesnt let mormons into heaven. and then he sat down and started playing his broken guitar and started singing about how mormons cant make it to heaven. and this is all going on while we are teaching this other guy named carlos. hahah then the hobo said.. " you can bike all day and you still wont make it into heaven" haha it was pretty funny but then he left. hahaha isnt it great to have the gospel in your life. haha we moved apartments so now we live in the middle of our area.. my new address is
6402 McPherson Road Apt #54
Laredo, Tx, 78041
ha we just moved yesterday morning and already this morning we got a knock at the door super early from our neighbor saying we were too loud while doing our workouts. what a great way to start everything. the lords work is great! we also saw this old lady flip her car over going real slow. nobody knows how it happened but it did. texas drivers...'-' hahah also found out the deftones are coming to my mission.. ha fun fact.
picture or post card?
elder acosta and i 
fluffy dog!
p-day fun. since we all play. we all went.

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