Monday, February 8, 2016

People Are Strange

soooo a lot of weird things went down this week.
some good things. we had a super good district meeting. i did a training on language.. and i think everyone took it pretty good ha. theres a weird religion down here called santisimo muerte..
well its not just here but a lot of people here practice it they worship like the grim reaper.. well there was a car that drove by and it had a sticker of it on the car... and it was just really creepy but was in my mind a lot idk why.. and one night i woke up in the middle of the night and bam that thought came into my mind.. and it kinda spooked me for some reason. so i got up and went to the bathroom.. and after i was looking in the mirror and in the corner of my eye in the dark room. i saw this little child and it scared me a ton. i look back and there is nothing there. i put some water on my face and say its nothing and look back in the mirror and there it is again.. this little beat up boy... i was literally spooked. i was like okayyyyy i need to go to bed. so as im laying down i hear this little kid whisper wake up.. and im like what the heck... okay i just need to sleep. so i closed the bedroom down cause sleeping with the door open is weird. and i just cant get this thought out of my head.. like why is it there. i need to sleep. i say a pray and am like please.. help heavenly father help me go to sleep theres lots of work needing to be done tomorrow i really need to sleep. and just then..i felt like this weird feeling all over my body.. and i heard someone whisper "give up".. so i keep praying and just have a conversation to really help get rid of this thought. i felt like i was fighting with someone.. i started hearing things in the living i keep praying and praying.. like i really need to sleep.. well.. i fell asleep praying.. finally.. and ever since then i have been. good but i dont know what happened. power of prayer guys. dont ever give up.

this one morning we played soccer real early like 5:30 it was fun. then after role plays we went to have lunch with a family and rode 25 minutes uphill and got lost. it was great hahah. she gave us this sick referral of this women and her 3 sons. we went and talked to them and they are super great. we had many great referrals for people. one was this guy named mario. we go to his apartment and start talking to him. baptism is something he is super interested in. especially cause he has a 3 year old son. so we are like great. we set a date and he had to go to work so he left and we started talking to his neighbor. while we were talking to his neighbor. mario comes back up and in the corner of my eye.. i see him wabbling back and forth.. i look at him and am like wow something is up with him. he is standing by his door and he starts to slowly fall. so my comp an i sit him in a chair and his eyes start to roll back into his head and his tongue is coming out of his mouth.. we are like what the heck.. is going on.. yeah this guy was tweaking out.. it was just so weird cause we were just talking to him like he was normal. sooo that happened.. we also later met julio who is this super sick guy that took everything super great. we set quite a few bd's we also got Anti'd really hard haha it was great. the key to when youre getting antid is to just have tons of animo.. cause who cares.. if they just want to stab us with false things and telling us what we dont believe in. its okay cause we know what is write. we at least try and give them the opportunity to listen. we were attacked a couple times. it was great haha. one was this old lady.. and this other one was this house full of "single" older women like 7 of them. yelling at us saying they dont want anything that we have to offer... not even service.. and we just had a great time haha. lots of success thanks to many blessings. the work out here is great. families are super important. we are working hard to find a family. we know we will find one.. maybe 3 who knows haha we just have to be obedient and worthy for miracles.
I love you guys.
read alma 29 today best chapter ever. if you have a chance read it.
Laredo North Zone
that mountain in that picture is in mexico... so yeahh we are pretty close.. literally within a few miles. half the members in our ward live in mexico for work.

sunsets.. always.. haha its the best part.

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