Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Si Eschucho Con El Corazon

Lehi "if there be no righteousness there be no happiness"

just want to start out saying that Victor and Marissa got baptized on sunday!! WOOO!!
super happy for them!! it made me a little sad telling them they we wouldnt be able to be there to baptize them but they still did super good!!

sooooo i am now in Laredo. its seriously right by the border. quite a few of the members in the spanish branch live in mexico during the week and come here for the weekends haha.
my new comp is Elder Acosta. he is super loco and awesome and wants to be a navy seal.
my new district is super awesome. its a bro district haha just elders. everyone is like brothers here is super great and we all play the guitar minus a few people. i havent really done too much biking. so once i got here i got put right into shape. haha we got hard everyday riding our bikes. by the end of this transfer we are gonna have tree trunk thighs its gonna be sick! haha. hablamos mucho espanol. because like 90% of the population here is hispanic. tex mex is used a lot here its actually quite hilarious. some people can even tex mex every other word haha. i dont know how you can even do that but they do hahah. the members feed us a lot here. im glad that my comp eats just as much food as i do so i dont look like a chancho every meal haha. so i was in casablanca but they changed all the areas up in the zone so now my comp and i are covering Hill Top and Del Norte in espaƱol. its honestly a massive area and its all on bike haha we are super pumped to get working. we are alos moving apartments sometime soon to be in the middle of our area. every saturday the north zone ( thats mine) and the south laredo zone we play soccer at like 5:30 am and it super fun just chill and play soccer in the morning. haha i thought i was in shape until i got to laredo haha ive been sore all week its great. there is always something to do in laredo. like there is always something going on with the members non-member friends of members. haha the members here are great! always bringing their friends to church. my companion and i went to this play called Rudy's to eat with a part member family. haha this play was the best. youd order meat by the 1/2 lb. we all ate so much meat i thought i was gonna die haha. im not a big meat guy but Rudy's was awesome. on sunday we were at church from 10:30am to about 5:30pm. thats how it is everysunday. our whole zone goes to church. there is only one spanish branch, theres 2 english wards, and a ysa. church went by pretty fast haha. and in between the churchs yesterday there was 2 baptisms. haha it was a great first sunday here in Laredo he had dinner at president Lavulavu. they are a super awesome family because they feed our whole district which is 8 elders everytime. not to mention their 6 kids as well. everyone here is great. something ive learned this week is to really listen to the spirit and to just go for it haha. no fear man just do it. yeah the person might not be interested but its all about planting seeds and finding people who are ready. listen to your heart when you feel the spirit and you will be guided and will get help in any way. gracias por todo. i love you guys.

i'll take more pictures this week. also random fact.. the water down here is pretty gross.. and it just makes you more thirsty.
sunset in Laredo
tried to get a picture of me and the sunset.. haha

New Address:
4420 North Loring Avenue #9
Laredo Texas

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