Monday, March 7, 2016

Just Like Heaven

A week of events, visited the robledo family they are recent converts of a month. they are super awesome. well we went to visit them and the husband had his sister over and she was curious about the church so BAM we started teaching her. the next day we had a zone exchange with the south zone. i stayed in casa blanca and Elder skinner came up while my comp went down to west abundancia. we found Javier outside painting his house. we started talking to him and he was a super cool middle aged guy that is down with everything. he sprays while he talks and i think i got like half of his concha on my shirt but he's a carnal so its all good and we set a baptismal date with him. earlier that day we had been looking through the area book to contact some old investies. Found this family that almost got baptized. yeah we found out they lived super far so we started riding. it took like 30 minutes to get there. The Tovilla family is who they are. As soon as we got there the mom said hey i need you to go visit my daughter she lives over here. she really needs you guys. we think shes addicted to drugs. we then started teaching her and her son. they are super sick. we later met the husband gosh they are so rad! later that night we had a carne at the robledos and juans(the husband) his other sister was there with her husband and kids and we started teaching them. on thursday we switched back. this week i have realized how important it is to pray for safety. at least twice a day someone tries to run us over while we are on our bikes. on saturday we were riding to the church to help clean it and as we were crossing this street. this women ran the red light hauling it and some how she stopped like a foot from us and then looks at us like its our fault hahhaa! her tires didnt even screech. milagros man haha. we also started teaching robledos brother. hes addicted to heroin and really wants to be a teacher. we are trying to help him a ton. he graduated in the top ten of his class.. but the devil got him.. and he knows it. he needs the gospel more than ever.. on sunday israel and jackie got dunked. we have a saying in laredo. " no dry weekends in laredo" we gotta work hard cause the faunt should be filled every sunday. all thanks to the miembros y dios. we had a missionary fireside we sang be still my soul and there is a great scripture that goes along with it. Psalms 37:7. president lavulavu of the 3rd branch asked us to sing a song with his family,. it was the tongan hymn Folofola Mai 'A Sisu. the spirit was super strong like unreal. we later finished with sisters of zion and we"ll bring the world his truth. you could see the spirit in everyones eyes. Laredo is the best! oh also this week we saw a guy driving a stolen car down the street haha it was kinda funny cause we knew it was stolen cause the alarm was still going off haha. we've met so many cool vatos here. transfers are tomorrow and we hope we are both staying here. i cant believe its already the end of the transfer. like there is no time to waste cause it just goes by soooo fast. we were walking to the bike shop to take my comps biek there so we could get it fixed. on the way home this "white" dude rolls down his window and asks if we need a ride somewhere. both in our minds we like heck yeah so we jumped right in. we started talking and come to find out he hasnt been to church in 10 years and he almost went on a mission. said he had all the money all saved up and prayed about the church and never got an answer so he left. moved out and took all his savings and never went back. this guy was awesome, hes married to a cuban and his 3 kids we talked about the church for a while. you could tell in his own words that he still had a testimony and knew the church is true but something is stopping him from going back. he lives in san antonio and was only here for work. it was such a good experience like who knows maybe just from him talking to us he will go back to church. also we found out his mom works in the south jordan temple how crazy!! haha. we also met and started teaching the Elizondo family and met this guy named Roberto hes a super nice guy with a small family. he asked us to pray for his son who is going to try and swim across the rio and come over. we had the member that was with us do it. it was great!! hahah the mission is so fun. like... something ive really learned a lot of his how to learn. how to get the most out of everyday so it can benefit you for the future. quote of the week "gracias a dios" people say that after anything its kinda funny sometimes haha.
this is my district leader elder young. he crashed his bike while he was on the phone talking to us hahaha.
it was my comps birthday yesterday haha so some elders brought over a cake and i shoved his face into it. haha
elder Eisenhut and i were helping this lady move some stuff into storage and one of the things was a massive glass table it was super thick too. well as we set it down we started propping it up against a wall and it just straight shattered in our hands like exploded it was so nuts and we got cut up. hahah i didnt feel bad at all that it broke cause it broke so crazely haha.
elder gallegos, watchorn, acosta y yo

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