Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lamb Of God

started out the week eating at a Blanca's house. shes a super sick member. well we were eating dinner and her son was just acting up a ton. kept raising the volume of the tv while we were eating. she tells her other son luis to go get her belt. luis is like 12. he casually brings out the belt like it was an honor hahah it was hilarious... but no one got spanked that night. hah.
its starting to get really hot. it was about 100 for a couple days. you seriously walk outside and its like putting on a blanket. its great and everyone is just like holy cow you sweat so much!! and i just stand there dripping like yep i do... now let us inside so i dont die.
had an exchange with my district leader. we were riding to a members house and for some reason this oldddd investigator kept popping up in my head cause the fam lives on the way and it just kept popping up and popping up. im like okay okayyy lets go over there. so we got there and she "isnt" home but her sister is so we talk to her. then Finna (the old investigator). her husband comes out and we start talking. we end up inside teaching him and sharing a scripture. thennnnnnn Finna walks in furious. yells at her husband and he stands up and we are like woahhhh this is crazy...its like a Jose Luis episode or for you americans... Jerry Springer it was kinda funny. but things calmed down and we start talking to finna and she tells us everything why she wasnt baptized. i learned how awesome the spirit works. well we were talking and talking to both of them and shared some personal experiences and then talked about the gospel and BAM set a bd with her. it was so sick cause at first she said she was never going to go back and now she wants to get baptized haha. a couple days later acosta and i were riding by this neighbor hood and there was this very elderly lady gardening. so we pull over and start helping her. turns out she is 90 and likes to garden. haha what a trooper. well we sat for a while and talked about the gospel and we sat in her covered patio. When we got there we could hear thunder so it sounded like it was gonna storm pretty bad. well when we were leaving the storm was just barely getting to us. but nothing had fallen yet. well we were riding our bikes out of the driveway thats covered by trees and we could hear things falling. my comp says: its probably acorns falling. we keep riding onto the street and thats when i realized.. thats not acorns. thats hail.... the size of shooter marbles. we were like oh crap lets go! as we start riding it just pouring this massive hail. we are getting hit all over. we could hear all the cars just getting nailed!! bang bang bang! it was sooo crazy! but fun. also i have this cool experience that happened yesterday. at night we were contacting some houses. well we got a referral for this one house.. at first we were going to go to the other side of the street to go to some houses first.. but i stopped my comp cause i could hear something.. i was like woah wait... that house 2 doors down which is a referral is playing something on the radio.. something... heavy... and just like that i was like elder its Lamb Of God we gotta go there this guy is awesome. so we walk over there just as he is turning it off the first things i say are hey no way! you like lamb of god thats so awesome. and just like that we had this crazy cool conversation about his life and family and the gospel. haha walked into his garage.. BAM just the sickest Ducati ever. we keep talking and he tells us that he believes more on extra terrestrial stuff and big band than god cause there isnt that much proof about books that we bring or anything... sooo imagine this... a big ziploc bad with a disassembled radio inside. every part of the radio is in the bag to make it work... now shake the bag and try and make the radio... hah keep trying and trying.. im pretty sure that youre not going to be able to make the radio.. thats pretty much what would happen with the big band without god. its just that simple. but its so crazy at how many people just want a super crazy complex answer like WHY!!
but that leccion was pretty awesome. i feel like some other crazy cool stuff went down but i cant really remember. oh well have a rad week chao.
the hail that fell down.
compa y yo
that guys sick Ducati 
grandma Gonzalez that little old lady we met gardening 
dinner at the Gutmans for a carne. estamos muy animado.

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