Monday, March 14, 2016

Para Que Sepa

this week was alright, met the Serna family on monday. this guy in ysa came out with us and is friends with their son. none of them are members so we are like sweet! so we go and meet them and they invite us in. just the parents were there and they sit us down and we just start talking for a little bit and then they leave the room for like 20 minutes to do some business idk what. then they come back and we find out they are catholic and are strong in their faith but was we kept talking and teaching. the spirit was so strong...they started listening and really paying attention it was so cool. then hmno serna scratches his beard... and i kid you not.. a worm flew out.. i was a little bit freaked out and wanted to burst out laughing cause it was just so weird hahaha. but the lesson went on and near the end they were like do you guys have something for us to read before you guys come back next time. they are so sweet!! its so cool to see the change during a lesson.
a few days later we came across this guy who was super big into science we had a super great discussion and it all started out with talking about his bumper sticker that said he was an eagle scout. a funny moment that night. we went to go contact a referral we got that night. and at the door they have a sign in spanish saying that they are catholic and dont accept other religions to their house or messages and propaganda. (a lot of houses here have that sign) so we knock the door and this girl comes out and we start speaking english and everything is going chill, we are laughing. she then tells us shes catholic and points to the sign and we are like "uh we dont speak spanish" and then acosta (my comp) starts trying to read it saying "what does no aceptamos mean?" he read it in a super gringo accent. the girl didnt know what to say.. she froze.. she said.."well.. its not saying that wedont accept anything.. well.. it means.." and then we burst out laughing and told her we speak spanish then read the whole thing. it was so funny.. she started laughing too. but yeah she wasnt interested. you know theres a lot of people that will be rude to us cause of what we do. its important to make the best of it and just have a good time. hahah. i have another funny contacting story.. so a couple days later we are at the top of our area. we went to go contact this house. we knock the door and this guy opens the door. everything is going super well and then he stops and says "hey we are actually doing a bible study right now with jehovahs witness" i was like"woah thats so rad is it alright if we study with you guys? cause i was actually reading in the bible this morning" he looks at us and is like umm give me one second. and then we stood there for a few minutes and a couple different people came to the door and asked if we needed something and we said we are waiting to see if we could study with you guys hah.. they seriously didnt know what to do hahaha. then finally his wife comes and tells us we cant study with them. it was so funny and weird haha. that night it started raining super bad so we rode in the rain and were completely soaked. it neverrr rains in laredo but when it does. the sides of the streets flood. haha it was great and my comp wrecked it on his bike it was hilarious hahah. hes a trooper haha.
 this cool neighborhood we rode through.

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