Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jesus Take The Wheel

started off the week with a really good P-Day we went out with hmna capetillo and had a couple great lessons with Kevin and Cassandra. then at night we found out that we need to be in mcallen on tuesday early in the morning. our mission president wanted to give every missionary a blessing before he dies (returns home) he treats us like his own kids and he would do that for his kids. so tuesday morning the laredo north zone took the 3 hour journery to mcallen to get a blessing. it was honeslty the craziest coolest experience ever. it honestly makes me sad that he is going to be leaving. hes such a stud and so inspired. we were also focusing on blessings this week. like giving people blessings.. we went to visit hmno Robledo we get there his twin boys are just super crazy and crying and we were trying to talk to him and it bummed me out a little bit cause he went on to say that he isnt even sure if he believes in god anymore cause his life is just sucky and he never gets to see his wife cause she is always working and going to school. we asked him if we could come back in like 40 minutes cause we had a set appointment right then and he said yeah that we could go back. so we go to the lesson with hmna grimsley and it was bomb and then we took her with us to hmno robledos and they just went on to talk about life and it was perfect. before we left we gave him a blessing and his mood completely changed and he was happy and just everything was just changed. it was so cool! the gospel is so real!! ah its the best!! the next day we finally go to visit hmna Iglesias. we have been trying all transfer to visit her but she never lets us but finally when our main plan fell through, i was like birrell im gonna call hmna iglesias and she told us to go over it was so awesome. she was so happy and talkative. and we even met her blind husband who i had never met and we gave him a blessing. it was awesome. then the next day near the end of the night we saw our former investigator jorge walking his dog. we walk over and start talking ot him and told him straight up that he could get baptized tomorrow and he was so down.. but he wouldnt wait to be interviewed :/ on sunday we went to a carne that this lady invited us to cause it was her aunts birthday. it was pretty cool cause we had just met her and she told us to come by next week and we did and the food was awesome. this monday birrell and i took a member out to dig for his first time. it was pretty fun. then we had transfer calls. they announced everyone and everyone who was told to go to mcallen at 9:30 was either getting a leadership position or training. birrell is gonna be a DL and they told me that i was staying in laredo and birrell is leaving. then like 20 minutes after we are all writing in journals and my zl was like ohh wait up... Gonzalez you have to be at the meeting in mcallen at 9:30. i was like whaaaaaaaat............ so yeah im training now haha. my sons name is Elder Scott he is from San Diego and his spanish is bomb for a greenie and he also plays the piano. what a milagro the 5th branch was in need of a piano player. haha the lord always provides haha. but yeah thats all the news. no one has died. lol so this morning i told my greenie hey can you say a prayer before we leave. he was like sure. then i told him. dont forget about safety though cause everyone drives crazy in laredo. he said the prayer and we were on our way to meet up with some more missionaries at the church. as we were biking i was crossing a street it was a green for us and i was riding infront of E.Scott and then this white car just goes for the turn super quick lol hahahah and almost hits me as im crosssing hahahah i look back at elder scott and just burst out laughing hhaha it was so funny haha i was like welcome to Laredo lol haha goofin so hard over it. i still think its funny but yeah the lord really blesses us missionaries. la expiacion is real and dont forget to use it. we have so many tools while we are here on earth. i love you guys. have a rad week.
Birrell with hmna Grimsley lol if she had black hair she would look like Edna Mode lol
Seth bear cooking some tofu and curry in the morning.. what a beautiful thing to smell as you step out of the shower in the morning hahah. not.
the carne we were at on sunday.. mmm so good.
lol saw acosta at the meeting. i miss that meat wad so much haha oh and thats elder Scott

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