Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Heard Him Come

another nice hot week in Laredo. transfers are today and i found out that mijo and i are staying another one! sick! it'll be my 5th here in laredo its gonna be dope!
Ariel is doing super good and he is already a missionary. all of his friends are asking questions and he answers them and we are even going to start teaching his friends from work. it was a super fast transfer and i cant believe that its already the next one. I've been called here for a reason to be around certain missionaries, members and investigators just everyone. Its always a great feeling of comfort when you remember your why. why youre out here doing missionary work. This gospel is the best ever and i wouldnt change any of these experiences. I'm not really sure what to write about right now. Scott is growing and progressing and im learning lots from him. I remember when my old president maluenda gave me a blessing before he left. he talked about being as humble as a child so i can learn and grow as they do.. and for reals idk why but being a trainer is a great humbling experience. not only do they learn from us but we can from them as well. its important to remember that. not just the greenie but everyone in general. Ariel was confirmed on sunday and later we were helping set up for a baptism and the elders quorum president walks up and says "so that guy that was just confirmed today,,, yeah in priesthood we was ordained a priest.. presidente solis called it and wanted to do it today.. Elder Scott and i were like no wayyyy!!! lets go!!! we had no idea!! ahh it was so sick!! later we talked to Ariel and he is super pumped to start helping out in sacrament. its so dope! he is so happy. it got to about 111 a few days ago. Laredo is awesome and im excited to see how this transfer goes. I just want to leave you guys with something. idk why but this verse stood out to me today..JUST BE THE EXAMPLE OKAY!! Jacob 2:35 read it!!
pretty hot day in Laredo. 
the song is our apartment singing divina luz at the fireside a couple weeks ago.

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