Monday, July 25, 2016

The obra is getting there just getting the machine going can be a little while. Inspiration is pouring in. its really rad! its amazing that just through a simple prayer we can recieve inspiration that can change everything. our heavenly father is great! i feel like when i got here there was a shotgun blast to the work here. Everything scattered but we've picked it up. Its going great thanks to our heavnely father! be humble!! and dont be embarrassed to testify!! STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU REP!! we had a super sick day on saturday, we started teaching this guy named elias hes an army veteran. acosta almost got eaten by a dog. we walked up to a less actives house and there was a fence around it and there were 3 big dogs inside and one of the them was eating a frozen piece of chicken. well we opened the gate and started to walk in. acosta went in and just as i was about to walk in something said no..
so i stood at the gate and thats when this huge dog started barking at acosta and walking toward him as if he was going to attack, so he held his scripture bag out towards the dog ( SCRIPTURE POWER) and the dog stopped walking. thank goodness the door of the house was open so we yelled and then the owner came out. It was kinda crazy and the big dogs name was Dingo. later on that day, we went to go meet the indian hills elders to do an exchange. we decided since we have extra time lets go visit a less active . we started talking and one of them is the son of the hmna that we were trying to visit. shes home so we go and knock the door , at the door acosta said how great it would be just to pull up to a house and do some kind of cleaning service or anything for someone just to brighten their day. well the hmna opens and her house is full of paintings . turnes out they had just gotten home and need help putting in her new AC cause it was huge. ahh it was awesome!! and this week we are going to get mini missionaries!!
its a highschool's football field!!
i love seth anderson!! hahaha
they have esprite on the menu haha
only in the valley
held by a couple ropes... only in the valley
here is Lorenzo Gonzales, wearing a circle jerks tank top and camo shorts.. punk at birth.. hes my favorite!!

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