Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Orinoco Flow

had a super rad week. i forgot my journal so i wont be able to write all of the cool stuff that went down cause since ive been on a mission i forget a lot of things.. well to start everything off. MIJO GOT WET ON SUNDAY!! our investigator Ariel was baptized!! it was mijos first and i was super proud of him. hahaha it was to be honest the greatest thing ever. Elder Scott is going to be a great great and he is a great great missionary. sooo right as soon as we open the doors for the faunt we realized that the water was super low.. and there was no time to fill it up... sooo elder scott continues and as soon as he says amen he just slams Ariel down super hard it looked like a Randy Orton RKO vine or something like that. just slammed him in the water and water got all over the mirror thats how big it was. but Ariel was soo happy ahhh he loved it and his mother was crying the whole time she was so happy. it was truly a great experience. but elder scott just had no chill. he didnt even have time to hold his nose. it was beautiful. so that happened. then later on sunday after church we went to have dinner at the Jeppsen's house. they are the senior couple here and while we were prepping everthing. sister jeppsen put a cloth bag of onions on the stove cause she was going to cook them... well she also turned on the stove.. and then all of a sudden there was smoke every where and then elder olsen yanks the bag off of the stove and onions go everywhere and there is a hole burned into the bag hahahah i was laughing so hard it was hilarious haha and sister jeppsen had no idea hahahah. oh my gosh what else happened. oh yeah i got hit by another car. mijo and i were riding to our next appointment and then im passing an intersection and this mercedes decided not to stop at a stop sign and he just coasted right into me.. bam hits my bike and i jump off of it.. he backs up and i get my bike and start walking toward him.. he gets out holding his little chihuaha.. in my mind im like nooo wayyy hahah. he says oh my goodness im sooo sorry.. i didnt even stop... are you okay sir... i say.. yes im fine.. is your chihuahua okay? he says oh yes yes she is and then goes off on about his chihuahua.. haha i couldnt believe it. but yeah that happened and im alive so its all good. its been a good 108-109 all week. i got so sweaty you could see it all the way to the back of my knees. it was gnarly haha que mas que mas... um we had a missionary music fireside and we sang lots of different numbers, as quartets and solos it was super great. mijo is learning a lot. we met our new mission president Torres. it was super awesome and we had interviews with him. he is an amzing guy oh man.! he became a stake president when he was 25 and was in the high council as soon as he got back from his mission. He is really going to boost the work in the mission its so great and he was also offered to play professional soccer in Honduras but he left on his mission. so i cant wait till we get to play with him. Man this week was super great and its only getting better:) this is all i know there is more but i cant remember it right now. i love you all be safe! and i hope you had a super fun 4th of July!
super hot day and it was only noon, mijo and i.
after the first door contact.
it was a great day!
a package for the elders
mijo fell asleep while we were planning haha glam shot.
came across this at a contact
new pres
on an exchange with holt
ariel with his mom!

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