Monday, July 18, 2016


I once had a dream that Elder Acosta and i were driving in a car looking for an address and i looked up at the street sign and it said mile 1 1/2.......... well that dream came true..

I got a call Tuesday night from Presidente Torres asking me how long ive been in Laredo.. i told him this is my 5th transfer here.. he said.. hmm thats long enough for someone to be in an area.. pack your bags youre leaving Laredo tomorrow morning. It was right before a bomb lesson elder scott and i had planned. So we went to the lesson and it was amazing and so hard to focus cause i kept thinking of how the area will be and if mijo would be fine. But i knew all would be well. So we got home that night, planned and then i started packing right away. I was a little bummed cause i was super excited for another transfer with mijo. But i was also really pumped to see where i would go. So im packed up and the next day i get picked up and make my way to McAllen. 3 hours later i meet my new comp...... and its ELDER ACOSTA!!!!!!!
lol how crazy!! I feel like im in a different world.. so we went straight to our 1st appointment and thats where my dream came true.. when we turned onto their street right away i knew this place was going to be different than any other place ive been. Cause while we were teaching the lesson they asked if we wanted sandwiches and we quickly say yes.. they brought out the food and i literally wanted to cry... from the bottom of my heart i was so grateful... i told them how great they were and how much it means to be fed.. they were like eh its nothing.. from then on people were feeding us a lot.. i want to cry everytime i dont eve know why.. also im serving in Westlaco know and i cover 3 little cities, Donna, Westlaco, Mercedes, oh also this place called Ed Couch haha.
later we went to go visit this member and she really wanted us to give her son and his gf a blessing. So the girlfriend is sitting down and we are about to give her a blessing and then all of a sudden this door busts open and theres a tall old man with a walker wearing just a diaper.. ahh!!! it was the hermanas husband!! it was hilarious!! she quickly ran to him and shut the door.. ah! im still crying about it. the valley is crazy awesome. I tell everyone that i came from Laredo and they all see laredo as literal hell. like such a bad place. Im like dang that place is awesome! also the weather down here is amazing!! there is cool wind always. So i live with seth anderson, the anderson that elder acosta and i dumped cake on for his birthday. and alos E. Pierce he was in my district when i first got to laredo. The members here are amazing!! ahh the mission is the best but thats all that i can remember from this week. Mijo Elder Scott stayed in Laredo. I hope he is doing well. 
a bomb Rusa i had!!:)
Elder Brady Anderson and i @ Penguinos
final district picture before people got transferred..
snacks while everyone packed.. my dad will be so proud..
apartment homies!!
my dad and I, he went to Harlingen to be a ZL
its kinda weird but our conversations are like as if we are father and son. hes a homie.
3 generations.
i lived with this guy for a little bit before i left. lol Elder Packer i went to jr high and highschool with him.
gordito and i!!
cotton fields
in their natural habitat
little gated place community
 on our way to visit a member. adventures.
Ed Couch
 just cut it out guys.. come on!!
the field is white already to harvest
lol he has hair now!

so do not send anything to Laredo. i am no longer in laredo!!

200 W La Vista Ave
McAllen TX 78501-2131
United States

just send everything to this address from now on. thanks guys!!

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