Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Love Is Spoken Here

we had a pretty great week. Luis our investigator got married. hes the best ever. i became a full Vally rat as i help a member move some mattresses from the top of his van. idk why but all these week ive been learning about being humble and just having a good heart. we went to mercedes to visit a member that we have never met. well we knock on the door and the guy opens it super soon and says who he is and he was the man that we were looking for. we start getting to know him and his son walks down the stairs hes probably about in his 20's and peeks over his dads shoulder and says whats up, so i say whats up man. then he started to walk away and turns around and says.. is this the J-dubs and we both say nooo we are mormon. then he says.. ohhh so you'll be back... you know what please dont come back.. at all!! its a huge inconvenience. dont come back at all!!.. the dad was just like shut upppppp.. and acosta and i were kinda laughing inside and we set up a time to go over today. we will see how it goes. but yeah it was interesting.
also quote of the week. "Leave Babylon, come to Zion" when i first heard that i dont know why but it really hit me. It just really made me think of my life and where i want to be and also people we are teaching and where they want to go. Babylon just being a very wicked city and Zion being a place where the pure in heart live. we cant have a vacation house in Babylon if we are in Zion the rest of the time. we should always reside in Zion. Be pure in heart. leaving our old ways in babylon, leave our nets behind like peter did to follow the savior. It makes me think of this boy i once knew, that skipped seminary to go get a mohawk and barely graduated highschool. now on this very day that boy is serving a mission. it amazes me each day that he is still out there. leave babylon and come to zion. the lord is so merciful. random fact.. we found out that westlaco east highschool girls power lifting team won state a year or 2 ago. how cool? there is so much i want to say and share. just love the lord and be humble. I had a dream that the world was ending and being flooded. I ended up giving my friend Adam a blessing in the dream and just really trying to help my friends find a boat to escape on. My heart ached cause they wouldnt follow me all of the way to find a boat. thats completely random haha. We have been working with Asa for a while and he came to church on sunday and loved it! Sister Frankie "Two Canes" sang us a song as well. its super dope and just little acts of service can mean the world to some people. i love you guys a lot. each and every one of you.
helping my fellow family members move some stuff (Gonzalez)
member journeys
custard apple
good ol Donna water, if you drink it you can get cancer... so they say.. ha so dont drink it!!
custard apple.. pretty interesting.. it was super sweet.
interesting street name
Luis & Elizabeth Garza

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