Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Greater Love

huge miracle, we got a call on monday from some hermanas with a referral. they said they met this lady and she wants the missionaries to visit her. so we go right over and knock on this door. and this women opens the door and right away she tells us to go in. so we go in and she calls her son in the room and told him to sit down and listen. so we sit down and bam! went iinto it. Julian the son hes like 32 and had great questions and it was dope. the next day they went over to a members house for a little fhe thing it was awesome and we watched the restoration video and to be honest that was super powerful, i hadnt seen it since i was like 12 my testimony definetely grew. now that im on my misison and just you know, into the gospel, everything has a crazy cool new meaning to me. the church is true!! and i know with all of my heart that jospeh smith was called as a profit to restore the church. i wish everyone could understand and have an open heart. this week was nuts!! i love my family a lot, like they dont even know!! it wasnt until my misison that i even said that to them. god has a plan for us. we ate a ton last tuesday i almost thought i was going to need a wheelchair to get around.. we mobbed around edcouch-Elsa which is pretty much farmland and we are so grateful that we have a truck., i also met elder Acostas Dad, he was working down here in weslaco pretty raro right haha but it was good. scripture of the week. Psalms 27:1,14. " be of good courage and he shall strenghten thine heart" so last sunday we got a bomb referral for this guy named andy the member told us to go by before 3 cause his dad aboslutly hates church people and missionaries. and is a devoute catholic. well the day comes we planned to go by him and its 3:15 and we are like ehh lets go. so we go by and hes outside bbqing and the member that referred us to him just so happened to be getting there when we did. Dope! so we get inside and are taking to him and Andy and the members are all paranoid cause they didnt know when the father was gong to get home. so we kept talking and teaching and then andy turns around and looks out the window and says "oh crap my dads here" Andy is in his 40's and lives with his dad.. so when he said that elder acosta and i immedietly thought.. alright either this guy is going to be really cool or be super pissed, yell and kick us out. the father walks in............ and ends up being super dope and his name is Perfecto and he gave us a ton of free Aloe Vera Juice haha. later in the week we got to listen to a recording of our parents bareing thier testimony.. and it was my mom.. it honestly almost made me cry hearing her testimony, especially about tithing. te extrano muchisimo!! my mom is so dope!! i remember when i was a kid always praying with me before bed, trying to get me to read the book of mormon with her and i never sat still. I have the best parents ever!! dont ever give up on your kids!! this week i learned a lot about love and the love a father has for his children. this hermano gave a talk on it as well. he told a couple stories of fathers trying to save their childrens lives but dying in the process. no greater love does a man have then to give his life for his friend. the hermano started to cry and said "thats why they made these" then blew his nose in his tie. lol but man the love a father has for his children is unreal!! my father is so great, the one here on earth and heavenly father. i have a ton of love for the children i dont even have yet. my love grows everyday for everything. this is it.. elder gonzalez actually cares. whats happening to the world. I always pray that mijo elder scott is growing lots. i also am staying in weslaco, acosta is leaving:/

interesting dream of the week, in the dream i was out prossing with acosta and we got a referral to go contact this house on a hill. as we drive up i notice there is a giant metal goat head on the front of the house.. the house was actually an abandoned Lutheran church..i immediatly told elder acosta that we were not going in there cause of the feelings i had about it.. in the dream i heard Devil Within.. said in my mind... as i woke up a black figure cloaking thing disappeared from my room..i stayed in my bed frozen not able to sit up..i kept hearing a demonic voice..i then prayed yelling that im a missionary and that i was stronger than whatever was in the room and that they cant do anything to me cause im a missionary with the truth..i then laid in bed until the morning. the church is true guys.

story time..

when i was young, about 4 or 5 years old. in mexico we had a merry go round and a teeter toter in our yard and one day i was going as fast as i could on the merry go round and tried to jump to the teeter toter and ended up hitting it and breaking my arm in 3 places. my parents rushed me to the hospital and at that time there wasnt a machine that could put the bones back into place very well. they were trying to find a doctor that could do it and we ended up finding a doctor that had this stretching machine that would stretch the arms as if they were on a cross. well the doctor asked my mom if i had eaten anything before he gives me anesthesia and my mother said no, not knowing i had eaten a bowl of rice earlier. well the procedure goes on and i end up choking and throwing up the rice and drowning it it. at this point i began to leave my body..and could see the doctors running around and my parents very worried and i could see myself dying. I kept floating away until i came to a cloudy gentle place with a nice blue sky and there i saw a man on a throne like chair, just thinking. the whole time i was crying cause i just wanted to be with my parents. the man in teh chair was thinking of weither to send me back or not, but there was a women standing next to him and she said , if we send him back we might lose him.. then the man in the chair asked "what have you done with your life?" and they showed a film of my life and me being 4 years old there wasnt much to show but they showed my future as well and the women pointed out that there was still things that i had to do in life and if i wasnt there then they wouldnt be done. there was a scene where i was fishing in a canal and a snake crawled up my leg and i grabbed it and threw it.. I then woke up back on earth throwing up the rest of the rice. so far in my life i have saved many peoples lives from drowning while fishing. I know theres a reason why im here. my heavenly father loves me.

i love you all. this has been one of the best transfers ever. thank you for everything!
funny looking bull
majestic dog
big tostada!
luis garza and fam, homies for life!:)

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