Monday, August 8, 2016


woww its already august. well last monday we rode down to brownsville to meet up with some elders and dig but when we got there they already dug but it was nice to see the other missionaries there. we had a great week there is so much to do!! we havent been able to work in Mercedes. random things pop up in weslaco or Donna all the time! they split the ward about a year ago and so we are meeting a lot of people that stopped going to church cause of the split, its a little crazy and unreal but its true. it amazes me of all the things that i hear. my mom would be proud of me now that i dont bark at people the second they say something.
"if you dont have anything nice to say, dont open your mouth." - Pia Gonzalez i love you mami thanks for being there always. I also found out that Elder Rasband was the elders quorum presidents mission president when he was serving in new york. how cool!! so this one day we were going to visit this member that we'd never met. so we pull up and infront of the trailer is a fence that is about 6 feet tall. we open the gate and walk in and close the gate behind us. as we walk up to the steps we notice 2 giant bowls of dog food and a giant bowl of water. we both look at eachother and were like woahhh theres probably some huge dogs here. so we get up to the door as we look around and just before i knock. this huge dog comes out from behind the trailer...... and it was not chained to anything at all. we were standing about 20 ft from the dog and i said.. man this door better open. we kept knocking.. and knocking.. and knocking.. finally the door opened up and the hmna's daughter opened and we could barely talk to her cause she had just gotten up and kept closing the door cause the sun was too bright, haha it was kinda funny. the dog never chased us good thing. this other member we tried to visit wasnt home and as we were knocking the door this black lab walked up and sat by the house and was just chillen.. but as we left it got up and started chasing us. Acosta did some Jet Lee swinging kick and almost hit it hahaha. these days have been getting better and better. the next day we were out and about visiting people at 10am and we got a call from our zls telling us to go to the offices cause presidente torres wanted to do interviews. we run back to our apartments jump in our suits and race to mcallen and end up waiting 4 hours to get into our interviews. it was pretty bomb. ahh presidente torres is amazing! he's the best. he kicked a ball from halfcourt while eating a pizza and kicked the ball into the garbage at the other side of the gym it was so rad! haha. well later the day before that we tried to visit but wasnt home so we left a card with out number. well the next day he calls us scared out of his mind.. cause theres been a lot of weird noises and banging for over a week and so we planned to go over and bless his trailer and we go and hes not there!! ah!!
we've been teaching this guy named Luis Garza this huge buff guy with an awesome beard. anyway we are teaching him and he is learning and understanding the gospel super well. he asked us about another guy we are teaching named Asa. we told him hes doing good just not coming to church. Luis then said.. "whats his address" we gave him the address and he says alright thanks guys im going to go invite him to church and talk to him about it. ahhh it was so great!!
when we were out in the country finding some members we were getting back into our truck and this guy walking stopped us and asked us for a ride.. he had been walking for 15 miles cause his car broke down.. like we are deep in the country.. so we counsel and decide to give him a ride if he sits in the bed of the truck.. he hops in back and we take off. as we drop him off we get his info cause he wants us to visit him and his family. and its saturday so we ask him" hey whatre you doing tomorrow?" he says nothing, so we'll be there, we are like what.... then he says yeah what time does your church start? we'll be there. and thats how we met Joe Lara. hahah que loco right?!?!? haha
something happened the other day we went to stop by this family and the daughter opens the door she is about 14. she tells us that her mom and dad are working and she didnt know when they would be back. she said they are at her grandmas house.. we kept talking trying to find out more about them cause we just met them for the first time and as we are talking to the daughter we see her younger sister walk down the hall into a different room. this sister is about 11. she then comes to teh door and says "my mom said she is busy" lol the older sister froze.... elder acosta and i look at eachother smile and laugh inside.. then we just left.. sad inside cause its so easy to see that the whole family is aad and miserable. its families and just people like that , that we always pray for. ah just open your heart to the lord. ahh just pour it all out!!
mmmm denny's
Donna North Highschool.... fancy.. 
Welcome To South Texas, sorry kids.

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