Sunday, August 7, 2016

Something I Call Personality

pretty awesome week. we picked up 2 mini missionaries. one was from Edinburgh and the other was from mcallen. they got to spend the whole week with us and it was honestly a great experience. i felt like i was training again. We had a zone conference on tuesday and it literally changed my life forever. there was a lot that was said but part of what was talked about was learning to overcome weaknesses in the flesh cause in the spirit world itll be hard to overcome a weakness of the flesh but without flesh. just think of a borracho. in the spirit world he will be looking for alcohol but none will be there for him. Learning to control, who do we serve, our body or spirit? debemos tener un espiritu despuesto. just think of a caballo puro sangre.. they return to the owner whenever the owner rings a bell or however they call back the horse. before we sin heavenly father rings the bell for us to come back.. Cuando soy debil, soy fuerte. theres a diference between resisting temptation or avoiding it. if you are closer to god so will your actions your thoughts, words. idk the meeting was so crazy. i truly love the mission. theres no better school than the mission. the first day we had the mini missionaries we visited sister meyer and she completely called out her son that we are teaching (Asa). and just went hard on how she wants him to be baptized. it was awesome and another sister met an old highschool friend and told us that she wanted a blessing so we went over and started teaching her family. its so dope!! I met the coolest old couple ever. they are a member I hadnt met yet so on an exchange we went to go meet them and as soon as i walked into the house i instantly thought of my grandma and grandpa Gonzalez cause there was a couple lazyboys infront of the tv, old furniture, a puzzle being finished, glued puzzles up on the wall, old bookshelfs with old books, and a piano. they are awesome! also on that exchange elder Pierce got pretty ill and threw up a few times haha. on sunday we said good by to the mini missionaries. Alejo and Garza. church was really good. this investigator Luis Garza came to church! a hes so rad. he's had a crazy past like super crazy. he is missing part of his leg from a motorcycle crash. we are super happy for him to see him progress. there was a fireside for the mini missionaries last night. it was awesome to see Garza bare his testimony. I remember when he first started on monday he said he didnt want to go on a mission and he barely even came out on the mini mission. But at the end he loved it a ton and actually wants to go on a mission now. it was great! his parents were super happy about it cause he"ll be the first missionary in his family.this week was super great and very humbling. something that just came to my mind a lot this week is to just not be a slave to man and being a better person is possible. my heart has truly changed and im forever thankful for our heavenly father, el espiritu y jesucristo. my desire to help people have a change of heart as well and just trulyyyyyyy come closer to Him is just so great!. ahh!! i love you all.
 the squad.
service with the niƱos.
the pizza is texas tiger size. 
Garza and I with elder Pierce in the back all sick.. 
another exchange with the good old diabetic Anderson!

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