Tuesday, September 13, 2016

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi

pretty sweet week! we've been coming across tons of dogs!! ahh its great. we've been finding lots of people, heavenly father is great cause a majority of the people we have been blessed with have been wanting to come back to church or were taught in the past. i feel like mijo is starting to get the hang of things. its cool how the spirit works. he had asked me a question about personal progression on a mission and i just told him about following the spirit and how he can, and after he said "you know whats crazy, that you just talked about that cause i was just praying to know more about following the spirit" the gospel is beautiful. it feels good to be a missionary, ive never been happier. it took me having to come on a mission to finally experience what true happiness is. something ive learned a lot is the power and authority of our calling. we are representatives of jesus christ. this place is pretty wicked.. and we ride through countless neighborhoods where we feel like something is watching us.. its pretty strange but the adversary is real and knowing i have teh power to cast out evil spirits is very comforting. we are sent here for a reason. friday, our day was full and set, then came 4:30 and our 5 and 6 fell.. mijo and i were thinking well ok.. theres a reason those fell cause our 6 was going to take us far from the city.. we prayed to see why we were where we were and we ended up finding a small family of 6 for the spanish elders and found this guy named carlos whos roomate was being taught before. following the lords plan is pretty important even though at times we may feel like we really deserve something or should go a different way. seek the lords guidance, well carlos said we could go over the next day in the morning and we did and no one was there.....well comes the following day (yesterday) we were coming home from a members house.. and we were setting out our game plan for when we got back at 8. as soon as we got back we took off to visit carlos. we get there and he's not there but his friend Ross opens, we start talking to him and he comes outside and we start talking.. and he tells us his whole life and said that he was prompted to come outside and talk to us.. and how he had been feeling super stressed and frustrated during the whole day and we close with a prayer and it all just went out the window, he felt peacful. oh also he had read the book of mormon in 3 days when he was in jail, but last year he had a stroke and forgot everything. ahh he's a stud hes in his 30's. man this week was crazy but good. elder setati from the seventy came down for our stake conference. ah it was great!:) have a sick week!
cute lil watch dog 
future dog whisperer hahahah

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