Monday, September 19, 2016


last monday we went to mcallen to try and dig, we had no success it was pretty sad. We've been meeting and finding lots of people and being more bold. People are more understanding as we are more bold in calling them to repentance. you might think,, wow youre a savage but as long as the spirit is there and its not just me saying it then its great! but most of the time people need a wake up call, this is their salvation we are talking about. i dont know why but i just thiking so deeply about the spirit, i just remember not really feeling the spirit through out my life until i got on my mission. with that in mind my first few transfers i really studied about recognizing and following the spirit. It helped me a lot and i know if you really want to have a better knowledge of something, study and pray for it and you will! our heavenly father truly wants to see us progress! ive been feeling pretty gross lately, the reest in the air is finally affecting me. had a few exchanges this last week. so mijo and i have been finding quite a few people lately and a lot of them hadnt really been progressing so we decided we were going to drop them. so we made a plan that we would call all of them and text them if they didnt pick up and whoever answered or called back to set up another time to go by, we would continue teaching them. we counseled with the lord and it was decided that we would go with this plan. so we call all of them and no one answered. we left messages and the day went on, later that day we only got one phone call back, and its from Danny boy, so we set up a time to go over the next day. the next day comes and im on an exchange with elder Sheehy and we visit danny firs t thing in the morning. when we show up he has a friend there that just got out of jail so we taught both of them and they both have desires to be baptized and danny's friend Fiddi had actually been praying to find a church to go to. what a miracle!! the next day i went to Olivarez for an exchange and had a really bad sore throat and lost my voice and took some medicine in the morning and was sleepy allll day, like everywhere we went i was fighting to stay awake. we finally get home at night and i read teh box of medice and it says may cause drowsiness.. GREAT!! my voice literally sounded like someone was talking into a microphone but every other second it cut out.. ah it drove me crazy haha. yesterday we gave talks in church on charity, procrastination, gossip and helping lost sheep. it was good and really made me think of a boy i once knew. a very good friend of mine who has made many changes in his life through obedience and actually seeking the lords help. i promise that if you dont procrastinate the day of your repentance, you will be more happy and be more prepared to meet our heavenly father. i love you guys!!
mijo steaming his first tie.
mijo ate it... i couldnt help but take a picture while he laid there.. it was hilarious hahaha
asian buffet!!

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